Oh what a wonderful holiday it was! Family (all the kids together Christmas morning for the first times in a few years), friends, neighbors, love and yummy treats all abounded. Joie was so much fun to watch open gifts. She's still too young to realize that she's opening a new toy or outfit and get excited about it, but she sure enjoyed ripping the paper! She helped everyone open their gifts in turn, and kept us all entertained.

Mom made her the most beautiful Christmas dress, and she looked like a doll in it.
I just love the interaction between Joie and her mommy in this picture. Pretty much sums up the pure joy felt by all of us that day.
Joie came to hang out with me in my apartment and she had a great time talking on one of my old cell phones. Is she adorable or what?
One of her new outfits... those Vans shoes kill me. So cute!


Merry Christmas Eve!

I'm so excited for Christmas this year! All of our family is together for the first time in a couple of years. Christmas Eve service at church, Christmas morning presents, and sledding Christmas afternoon... bring it on! Yippee!
Hope you all have a very merry and happy Christmas!


Facebook Status

No, I didn't waste my precious time building this in Illustrator (although I love the design, and might have to copy it!) facebook generate this on their site, and I thought it was really fun. So I posted it :)


The Walker Family

I just love this family! I've been nannying for them a little over a year now, and they are the sweetest. They have beautiful children, Christ-like attitudes, and have become a big part of my life. I had the honor of taking their family photos this year, and we had a blast! Decorating Christmas cookies, reading stories together, and playing in the snow... what a fun shoot!


What A Wonderful Day!

Snow Much Fun!

The first big snow of the year was on Monday! It's snowed a skiff here and there already this year, but we had quite the storm come through northeast Boise, and it dumped about 6 inches near the foothills! It just happened to be little Miss Joie's first experience with snow, and I was so lucky to have the day off to be able to see her enjoy it!

Here's to many more snow filled days to enjoy through the holidays!