Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

So the late, great Dr. Seuss' birthday is this coming Monday, and I have been working to find great images, books, and poems in order to decorate for the event at the library. I have found quite a few great decorations, and some not so great (there are a LOT of spoofs on Dr. Seuss out there!). I came across this rather well put poem on aging, and had to post a blog just for it.



Last night I decided to finally break down and go to the mall to find a new pair of pants. I have lost a little over 20 pounds, and while that is so awesome, and I'm so happy, I am also sick of not having jeans that look good on me. I want to hold out as long as possible to buy new items since I will be potentially only able to wear them for a couple of months at most, but I also want to look nice and appreciate my body as it's changing.
So anyhow, I went to the mall, coupon in hand to find a pair of denim trousers. I walked into the first store and was in love within seconds. I tried on a few pair of jeans and found the perfect pair. I was so excited! I also found a really cute skirt, sweater to go with the skirt, and under garments that were on sale! I had $100 that I was willing to spend (still left over from graduation gifts) and had a tough decision to make for what I wanted that I could afford. I was mulling it over when the store manager came to ask how I was doing. I explained to him that I loved it all and had a very tough decision to make. He quickly became involved and wanted to see everything on me to make the choice. He was so funny! He loved it all and wanted to find a way for me to take it all and stay at my budget. I tell you what... I heart this man! He found so many coupons, and gave me his manager's discount, and what rang up to be $225, I was able to get for $90!!!! I was so excited, and promised that I would shop only his store as I am loosing weight and needing in-between styles. I mean, who wouldn't after that kind of service?!


Road Trip...

What happens on road trips, stays on road trips; but I will share a few of my favorite moments...
- Richard leaving his mark by making my mark on a snowy pass somewhere on Highway 95
- Seedy hotel rooms
- .75 up versus 25.25 down
- (quite surprisingly) Salty Dog
- bookstores
- Lack of snow chains
- Indian monuments
- missing contacts
- salt, sugar, and coffee
- cousins
- drift wood
- Macie
- being in Doyle
- notes for safety
- open conversation
- off Broadway renditions
- Getting lost on purpose


Bachelor of...WTF?!

So, I was so excited yesterday when I received the e-mail that my diploma had been shipped, and an image was available to view online. I was disappointed though when I discovered that the image was unable to be copied. But my friend Richard came to the rescue and figured out a way to get a copy of it and e-mailed it my way - I was very happy. That is until...If you look rather closely he decided to "modify" it a bit before sending it my way. Imagine my disbelief when I discovered that all the nice things people were saying on my image on Facebook were in relation to their knowing the joke and me being oblivious to it. You can believe there will be repercussions for this hanus act!


Welcome to Tardtown...

My very good friend Richard e-mailed me this photo in response to a particularly humorous e-mail conversation today.


Chance Michael Rowe

Chance Michael Rowe, age 10, died Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009, at Saint. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise.
Chance was born Feb. 16, 1998. Although he weighed only 2 pounds 4½ ounces, he had such a huge impact on everyone he met. Chance never met a stranger. Everyone became a lifelong friend. Chance was here for such a short time, but those who were touched by him understand that he packed as much living into everyone's life that he possibly could. He had a great big smile and outgoing personality.
Chance possessed strength, courage, perseverance and an ability to overcome incredible odds and physical challenges that plagued him throughout his life. Due to his positive nature, he quickly became known as one of the nurse's favorites at Sawtooth Elemen-tary School. Chance's can-do attitude led us all to believe that each day was an opportunity to live life to the fullest and create lifelong memories. He was special and unique, radiating happiness. Our community is a better place because of Chance.
There were many doctors (especially Dr. Adrian, Dr. Hansen and Dr. Smith) and nurses (especially Letty, Cat and Connie) that blessed Chance's life and were blessed by him as well. Through their dedication, love and support, Chance was able to overcome so many tough challenges. He will be dearly missed by all of these special people, too numerous to mention, who provided Chance with love and dignity in life and in death.
Chance is survived by his parents, Melissa and Shannon Rowe of Twin Falls; Great-Grandma Bass and Great-Grandma Jeske; grandparents, Wanda and Harlan Flinn; and any, many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
Visitation will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 6, at Parke's Magic Valley Funeral Home, 2551 Kimberly Road in Twin Falls. A memorial Service to honor his life will be held at 1o a.m. Saturday, Feb. 7, at the Boy's and Girl's Club in Twin Falls. Please wear BSU clothing or colors.
Donations to help with medical and funeral expenses can be made at any First Federal Bank in Chance's name. Condolences may be made at www.magicvalleyfuneralhome.com.
The family would like to thank Greg Middlekauff, the Boy's and Girl's Club, Sawtooth Elementary School, the Twin Falls Police Department and all friends and family for your overwhelming support.


He is with God now...

Today the world lost a very special little boy. Chance Rowe was a fighter, a spitfire, and a heartbreaker. Everybody who met Chance even once, never forgot him. He was fun, energetic, and always smiling. God has a bigger plan than any of us, and He needed Chance in heaven with Him. Although we will never know why he is gone, I know that God allowed Chance to bless all of our lives, and I am grateful for that.
My prayers are with Chance's family, and especially his mom. Chance was the world to her, and I pray that through strength in Christ she will live knowing that Chance is happy and waiting for her to be with him once again.
We love you little boy.