Last night I decided to finally break down and go to the mall to find a new pair of pants. I have lost a little over 20 pounds, and while that is so awesome, and I'm so happy, I am also sick of not having jeans that look good on me. I want to hold out as long as possible to buy new items since I will be potentially only able to wear them for a couple of months at most, but I also want to look nice and appreciate my body as it's changing.
So anyhow, I went to the mall, coupon in hand to find a pair of denim trousers. I walked into the first store and was in love within seconds. I tried on a few pair of jeans and found the perfect pair. I was so excited! I also found a really cute skirt, sweater to go with the skirt, and under garments that were on sale! I had $100 that I was willing to spend (still left over from graduation gifts) and had a tough decision to make for what I wanted that I could afford. I was mulling it over when the store manager came to ask how I was doing. I explained to him that I loved it all and had a very tough decision to make. He quickly became involved and wanted to see everything on me to make the choice. He was so funny! He loved it all and wanted to find a way for me to take it all and stay at my budget. I tell you what... I heart this man! He found so many coupons, and gave me his manager's discount, and what rang up to be $225, I was able to get for $90!!!! I was so excited, and promised that I would shop only his store as I am loosing weight and needing in-between styles. I mean, who wouldn't after that kind of service?!