Discovering my Desires in 2014

As I wrap up 2013 and gear up for the amazing year that 2014 promises to be, I'm taking time to focus on my intentions.  I'll be sharing what my intentions are for the coming year just after New Years, but thought in the meantime I would share a few of my favorite resources for goal setting.

Rachel over at Tossing the Script shared an amazing PDF resource with me during our goal setting meeting on Sunday.  You can find the workbook here and the author's blog here.   I'm slowly making my way through the prompts and LOVING it!  I can't wait to share some of my discoveries, and would love to hear yours as well!

Another great resource that I stumbled upon today is Danielle LaPorte's "The Desire Map."  I ordered a copy from my local library this morning and am excited to spend some time figuring out what my Core Desired Feelings are.  (Which I will be sharing of course!)

This video interview of Danielle speaking about her own Core Desires and the process of goal setting is a bit of time commitment, but completely worth it.  One of my favorite take-aways from it is something she says within the first few minutes: "It's not about the goal, it's how I want to feel when I get there."
I love it!

Are you setting goals/intentions for the year 2014?
What do you think your Core Desired Feelings are?


Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

This year's Thanksgiving was a special one.  From the time I was 12 and my immediate family moved to Idaho we've been getting together with my Dad's siblings and their families for the holidays.  The idea was to have a different sibling host each year, that way everyone takes turns traveling/hosting each year.  One sister lives in Seattle, another is SW Washington, and my Dad, of course, lives in Idaho.  For the first few years the kids were all young enough that the families all worked hard to get together, despite costs, weather and life interruptions, but as we all got older it became increasingly difficult to get everyone together.  While the tradition still carried, someone - a brother, sister, child, etc - was missing from the pack.

So it was very exciting to hear that everyone could make it this year!  No one had 'other side of the family' obligations or work getting in the way.  The weather looked like it was going to hold out, and my cousin who lives in the Tri Cities (therefore equal distance from everyone) offered to host, so there were no "we have to travel too far" excuses!  Everyone (that's 16 adults, 1 five year old and 1 five month old) made it!  We all stayed at my cousin's house for 4 days, and loved every minute of it.

I really am blessed to be a part of a family that can get along and enjoy each other for that many days.

 photo _MG_7456_zpsb5d43bc3.jpg
My Aunt Sandy enjoying time with her Grand-niece Emerson
 photo _MG_7458_zps9f140616.jpg
 photo _MG_7470_zps55035285.jpg
Uncle Rodney getting his baby time in
 photo _MG_7485_zps731fca08.jpg
Joie made turkey centerpieces for all the tables
 photo _MG_7495_zpsf396e112.jpg
Joie "helping" Aunt Janet make pies
 photo _MG_7656_zps7893fd46.jpg
Lots of smiles and wine
 photo _MG_7664_zpsdc860cc2.jpg
My little brother Kalen got in some baby time too - good practice for the near future ;)
 photo _MG_77192_zps924358b6.jpg
I love my niece to pieces
 photo _MG_7733_zps5cae627a.jpg
Joie and her Papa (my dad)
 photo _MG_7739_zps0d0e00fc.jpg
Aunt Janet, Emerson,  my cousin Jill and Aunt Sandy
 photo _MG_7711_zps2bb4bb57.jpg
Everyone together!


November 2013 in an Instagram

 photo nov13_zps47201632.png

How is it December already?!
I mean seriously.

November was an event filled month!  It started off with my first ever art show (a month-long gallery even!) and ended surrounded by family for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Here's some of the highlights:
  • My art show in Newberg
  • Girls Road Trip to surprise my family over my niece's bday weekend
  • Danielle and Joie visiting Portland 
  • New glasses
  • Spending 4 days with my whole family over Thanksgiving
  • Finding out the family is growing!

Did you see family over the holiday? How was your November?
Here's to a great December!


Catching Up

Oh my goodness life has been good lately!  I've been so busy enjoying it that I didn't even realize I haven't been on here in a few weeks!  So it's definitely time I add some pictures of the past few weeks' adventures.

I found out I was going to have Veteran's Day off from work making it a 3 day weekend and I decided that it would be a good time to drive to Idaho and surprise my family.  My niece's bday was on the 8th, and my family would be having a get-together on Saturday the 9th for her.  I could easily make it that evening and have all day Sunday with them before heading back Monday morning.  My aunt who lives in Longview was free for the weekend to join me, and we discovered that my cousin and her baby girl who live in the Tri Cities was free too.

Girls Road Trip!

 photo 855ed348497711e38efb0a406416de40_8_zps172556ea.jpg
My Aunt Janet, Cousin Jill and her baby Emerson and Me all ready to roll!
 photo 0092b8ea499b11e391b41276bce0956a_8_zps5ce6c315.jpg
Pit stop for a diaper change, refuel and baby cheek snuggle!

Once in Idaho I was completely unlike myself and only took pictures at two moments.  Early Sunday morning I captured these treasures with my niece (who's FIVE now! OMG)
 photo a07c9b4c4a1c11e3ae221212d5b5af4c_8_zps2e542c9a.jpg

and on the trip home snagged a pic of the state capitol building.  
Is it weird that I miss this building?

 photo 4b3f85484b0911e3bb6a12da7af60bb0_8_zps1417d06c.jpg

After returning to Portland I lost myself in the work week, looking forward to my sister in law and niece visiting me the following weekend! That's right, just 4 days and I'd be seeing that little munchkin again!

They made it to town just as I was finishing up work, and we enjoyed dinner and drinks downtown.  Saturday morning we woke up and headed to the coast.  Joie wasn't very excited about it at first, she insisted that going to the beach meant an encounter with sharks, but after a little time on the sand she warmed up (literally - because it was freezing at first) to it.

 photo cd85c9804f0111e3bd10127e2a14cd72_8_zps0ee04fa7.jpg
All three of us, happy as clams.

 photo b137fd8c4f0811e3bb80129c7073a39c_8_zps6ddc8790.jpg
My sister in law pulled off the best photobomb ever ;)

We thoroughly enjoyed all the coast had to offer.  The next day we got up, enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate and hiked Multnomah Falls.

 photo 803be8804fb511e390ff12de80ce2bd1_8_zps9f8d4378.jpg
 photo fdbd24d44fb711e3b759129d9a62bf3b_8_zps93773af3.jpg
 photo d37751ae4fcb11e39dbc12ccde685f9a_8_zps53f0afa6.jpg

The past few weeks have been full of family and FUN!  This next week is Thanksgiving and I'll be traveling to the Tri Cities along with the rest of my family for a few days of more family fun.  It's guaranteed to be a great time, and I'm so looking forward to it!

Has anything great happened for you the past couple of weeks?
Will you be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday?


October 2013 In An Instagram

Wow, the end of another month and beginning of a new one already.  Is it just me, or do the months seem to go faster once fall hits?  I feel like September and October fly by each year!

What a beautiful October we had here in the Pac Northwest too!  Colors everywhere and so many days with sunshine and blue skies!  I have to say though, as much as I've loved it, I've missed the rain.  I'm looking forward to the rainy season starting soon and feeling like the holidays are really here.

October was full of great experiences and many smiley days!  Here's a visual of this past month from my iPhone...

 photo Octoberinstagram_zps9819f9ab.png

  • Ran the Portland Half Marathon
  • My Mom visited
  • I brought home a new kitty
  • Crunchy, colorful leaves
  • Time with new adorable Little E
  • Time with friends and home improvement projects
  • Fall treats
How was your October?  Any fun memories you want to make sure and remember?


Happy Movember!

It's that time of the year again... time for MoBros and MoSistas to show their support for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives!

Cancer is an evil plague and must be eradicated! Sporting my pink mustache won't end the madness, but it does play a part in raising awareness for prevention and early detection.  Did you know that every FIVE minutes TWO men are diagnosed with prostrate or testicular cancer?  That's 2 too many!!

By sporting our mustaches we can effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November.  We can raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men's health.

 photo 1386006_906395539434_164313800_n_zps9b345933.jpg

So let's all sport our mustaches this month and start the conversation!!!  Men, go see your doctor and make sure everything's ok down there!!

For more information visit Movember.com


So I'm A Mom Now

Hello everyone, meet Zulu, the newest addition to the "Macey Perseveres" family!

 photo _MG_6083_zpsd372576a.jpg

Zulu came home with me a little over a week ago after The Kid and I met her at the Oregon Humane Society.  I wasn't planning to bring a cat home, we were just going to go visit the animals and get the lay of the land because I had been contemplating getting a cat "eventually."

Well I met Zulu, fell in love, and realized I couldn't leave without her.  End of story.

Since then we've had a few ups and downs, but for the most part this is how she's spent her time...

 photo 7c0a3f703c6c11e3890a22000a1fbc9a_8_zpse19b35ec.jpg

Can I get a collective "awwwwww."

Do you have a cat or kitten?  Any advice for a new feline mom?


Portland Half Marathon Recap

Well, I did it!  I crossed another item off my bucket list and completed a half marathon in my new hometown.  The 2013 Portland Half Marathon was a great experience made all the better by completing it as a member of Team and Training again!

 photo 1374746_10151906894974509_951136005_n_zps06a1947a.jpg
 photo 1375730_10151906509924509_1092695488_n_zps15cc6c01.jpg

My mom flew into Portland to spend the weekend with me and be out on the course cheering me on. We had a great time spending time together, just the two of us, at the coast the day before, and she got to join me at the inspiration dinner the night before the race to get a taste of just how awesome this group of people are.

 photo d3218e1c2de911e3995622000a1f9812_8_zpsf86dd56c.jpg
 photo 30f65a8e31cf11e3b49e22000ae91347_8_zpsa77b3763.jpg

I didn't smash any records on race day, but I proved to myself once more that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and felt good carrying all my reasons for running over the finish line with me.

 photo 734e36102ec111e3892d22000a1fb82c_8_zps52767a30.jpg
 photo 1377388_10151906902664509_1034909130_n_zpsb8e524f2.jpg

I'm already planning to join the group again next year and tackle the San Franciscan hills once more at the Nike Women's Marathon.  I just love the positivity of this group!!


September in an Instagram

It's been a LONG time since I've recapped my months with Instagram photos!  In an effort to document my 31st year better, I'm going to start including these little recaps again.  It's always fun to look back on the month and see what's happened in my daily life through these little square photos.  I've also been considering offering a linky party once a month, so I may just have to combine the two!
Stay tuned ;)

Without further ado, here's my September 2013 in an Instagram...

 photo September2013instagram_zpsa4963938.png

Coffee  ||  Friendship  ||  Birthday Celebrations  ||  Dancing
Timbers  ||  Camping  ||  New Adventures  ||  Fall 
Growing Up  ||  Pumpkin All The Things
Running  ||  Fundraising  ||  Climbing  ||  Flowers Everywhere

How was your September?  Cheers to a great October ahead!


Foodie Pen Pal | My First Experience

So I've heard rumblings in the blogging world about these fun blogger "swap parties" that are happening all over.   I was totally jealous when my Instagram and Feedly were full of fun reveals of the goodies my friends were receiving when joining in.  So I put a call out on social media asking for a heads up because I wanted to join in on the fun!  My friend Sarah at Will Run For Pasta sent me info on a monthly swap hosted by The Lean Green Bean called Foodie Penpals and I jumped on the chance to be a part of it!

After signing up I received a lovely email from Kara at Domestic Endeavors introducing herself as my penpal for the month.  After we exchanged pleasantries and told each other a little about ourselves I went shopping and put together a fun little package showing off a little of the best Portland has to offer (starting with Moonstruck Chocolates of course!).  I'll you check out her blog post about what I sent, but here's what showed up on my doorstep last week...

 photo photo_zps257afd14.jpg

The Kettle Corn (holy yum!), Trail Mix and Marshmallows are made by companies that are local to her area, and the peppermint tea from TJ's is one of her favorites (and one of mine!) during the winter months.  I've been savoring each of my treats, and already cozied up with a good book and a cup of mint tea on more than one evening.

I've already signed up to join in again next month and can't wait to "meet" my new penpal!

The Lean Green Bean

Have you ever participated in a blogger swap?  How was your experience?


Turning 31

My 31st birthday was this past Wednesday, and boy was it a great one!  I'm that person who LOVES their birthday.  I love getting to feel special, just for one day.  I spent the day getting love from friends and family over Facebook, phone calls, Instagram, tweets and texts.  It was wonderful!

The day started off with 2 hours of pampering - a one hour massage followed by a one hour facial.


If you've never had a facial, you should do it.
Don't hesitate, just call and book.


Here's me all glowy and relaxed and sad to be leaving heaven...

 photo IMG_0763_zps377af640.jpg

After my relaxing spa morning I headed up the road to my favorite coffeeshop, JoLa in Johns Landing, for some lunch and coffee while I worked on some Motormouth Studios stuff.  I instagrammed a photo of my location, and next thing I knew this delicious and sweet treat was brought to me.  The owner, Brad, had seen my photo, called the shop and had his barista bring it to me.  Is that not the sweetest ever?! (oh, and it was delicious too!)

 photo IMG_0768_zps88646f73.jpg

After some time at JoLa, I headed to get The Kid from school.  He sweet talked me into going to Starbucks to get his homework done - it was a fabulous idea, and one I think we'll be repeating fairly often.

 photo IMG_0771_zps5d260bb0.jpg

When I got home these beautiful flowers were waiting on my doorstep.  Every year since I started kindergarten my dad has sent me a bouquet of flowers on my birthday.  It's hands down the thing I look forward to the most each year.  He followed it up with a text that read "you'll always be my baby girl."  Aren't dads the best?!

 photo IMG_0775_zpsc2a91766.jpg

About a month ago I saw a groupon for a painting class in Sellwood and gave a shout out to some of my gals on Facebook to check it out.  6 of us ended up purchasing, and the only night we all had free to go happened to be my birthday!  It seems to never work out that we're all free the same time, and it was extra special that I could use it as a way of celebrating with my friends!
Sadly Kayla got caught up at the last minute and couldn't make it.  She was missed, but the rest of us had a great time!

Don't you just love our sexy smocks? ;)
 photo IMG_0794_zps7cbb5683.jpg

Here's my painting!  I love it!

 photo IMG_0788_zps9081954b.jpg

Do you love your birthday as much as I do?  How do you usually celebrate?


Catching Up | End of August through Labor Day

Holy crap I'm behind on blogging!  Guess that's what happens when your life takes off on an insanely busy fall season.  Fall (September specifically) is my favorite time of year though, and I thought I definitely owed it to myself to post a little update on how it's been going so far!

First of all, my cousin Jared got married!  My family loves a good excuse to get together, drink, party, drink, catch up, drink, dance, and drink!  And what better excuse than a wedding?! (None I think.)

So we all got together at my aunt's house in Longview and enjoyed some time catching up (and drinking.)

 photo wedding_zpsf3b3451f.png

After the wedding my mom's littlest sister, Saleen, and I drove back down the coast toward her casa in the Palm Springs area.  I posted this little update on the first half our trip - down the 101 and through the Redwoods toward Santa Rosa.  We continued on to SoCal after a few days rest in NorCal.  The weather was glorious, and the sunsets were amazing!  I got in a few runs and LOTS of swimming!

 photo PalmDesert_zpsd8e3b8dc.png

I got home on a Thursday, worked Friday, ran 8 miles Saturday morning, took pictures of this adorable family then heading east toward Baker City to meet up with my brother and cousin and their families for some Labor Day camping.  We had fun chatting, playing card games, and making s'mores with, as my niece calls them, 'smarshmellows.'  It was a great weekend filled with family, and I thoroughly enjoyed time with my niece and my cousin's baby, which I can never get enough of.

 photo Camping_zpsee06e5c2.png

Since my return I've been working my rear off with lots of creative projects.

I'll be back soon to update more!  What have you been up to??


5 Things About Me

Hello dear friends.

There's another blogging trend making the rounds, this time called 5 Things.  A new-to-me blog friend Jessi posted hers a few weeks ago and tagged me, and horrible me, I just found out.  Oops!  Guess that's what happens when you fall behind on your blog reading.

So after you read mine, you should head on over Jumping JE and read all about the adorable and lovely Jessi!  And then write your own so we can learn about you, of course!

Without further ado, here's my 5 Things:

 photo me5_zpsb42f2b13.jpg

5 Things I'm Passionate About

Acceptance - No one is less or more important than anybody else.  We all deserve the same basic human rights, and no one has the right to infringe upon anyone else's.

Travel - I love seeing and experiencing new places.  I prefer to travel without agenda or schedule and just experience life as it unfolds.  I enjoy flying, but REALLY love road trips.

Photography - I see beauty, simplicity and love everywhere, and love to share my view with others.

Film and Literature - I love to learn and discover the world through other's stories.

Life - I am blessed beyond belief with great friends, family and opportunities - and I love to experience life in all it's perfectly imperfect beauty.

5 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

- Visit each continent at least once
- Author a book
- Experience Times Square on NYE
- Zip Line in New Zealand
- Skydive

5 Reads I Love

- Harry Potter series
- Peter Pan (original screenplay is my fav)
- The Help
- Pride and Prejudice
- Of Mice and Men

5 Places I Want to Travel (and haven't been to!)

- Greece
- Italy
- Argentina
- Hawaii
- Australia

5 Movies I'll Never Get Tired Of

- Bridget Jones' Diary
- Love Actually
- Can't Buy Me Love
- The Goonies
- The Sandlot

Your Turn! 5 Tags:

Jenni @ A Well Crafted Party
Jenn @ The Elsewhere Blog
Bee @ The Spicy Bee
Jill @ The Speechaholic
Kayla @ Fit Life Forward

Thanks again for the tag Jessi!  These posts are always so fun.

If you choose to answer these questions, please post your link in the comments, I'd love to find out more about you!


On The Road

I'm on the road again this week.  Started in Portland, had a brief stay-over in Santa Rosa and made it to Palm Desert today.  We drove down the 101 from Portland to Santa Rosa and it was be-a-utiful!!!  The coast, the Redwoods, the fog... it was all gorgeous!

 photo beachagain_zps5e2b30ec.png

I made the conscience decision to leave my big camera behind and only take pictures with my iPhone for this trip.  It's been a great challenge and I'm excited to share some tips and tricks I've discovered along the way!

How's your weekend/week going?  Traveled anywhere cool lately?