September in an Instagram

It's been a LONG time since I've recapped my months with Instagram photos!  In an effort to document my 31st year better, I'm going to start including these little recaps again.  It's always fun to look back on the month and see what's happened in my daily life through these little square photos.  I've also been considering offering a linky party once a month, so I may just have to combine the two!
Stay tuned ;)

Without further ado, here's my September 2013 in an Instagram...

 photo September2013instagram_zpsa4963938.png

Coffee  ||  Friendship  ||  Birthday Celebrations  ||  Dancing
Timbers  ||  Camping  ||  New Adventures  ||  Fall 
Growing Up  ||  Pumpkin All The Things
Running  ||  Fundraising  ||  Climbing  ||  Flowers Everywhere

How was your September?  Cheers to a great October ahead!