My Newest Obsession...

I have discovered online scrapbooking, and I LOVE it!!! I have been scrapbooking all day, and I can't wait to do more.
If you're interested, go to scrapblog.com. You'll love it, I'm sure!


The Graduation...

Well, I did it. I finally graduated. I am finished with school, and on my way to a successful career and life. The ceremony was nice (and not as long as I was expecting, which was even nicer!) and my family was wonderful and very supportive. It was so nice to spend time with them again since we usually only have that opportunity once a year. Richard was a great friend and spent the whole weekend with us, and took pictures during the ceremony for me.
Here are few of the great ones...


I'm Done!!

As of 1:13pm today, December 17, 2008 I am no longer a student :)
I handed in my last paper today, and attended my last final, and I can now say that I am done. Ahh... what a feeling.
Graduation pictures and stories to come soon.


So Close, I Can Just About Taste It...

I am so close to graduating and I'm so excited! I've started making a list of all the things I want to enjoy and spend time doing - once I graduate and have the freedom to do the things that I want :)
First and foremost I am super excited to spend time on me...making myself a better all-around person--mind, body, and soul:

Mind- I am going to finally make my way through all the literature that I want to read, just to expand my mind and learn new things (without having to write a paper about it!)

Body- I have my new work schedule and have scheduled gym time around it! I am so looking forward to spending an hour with Saira and Richard each morning in the gym, getting my blood pumping and getting into shape! I want to enjoy the process of getting in shape and loosing weight, and not just focus on the outcome, and I am so excited to have the time to dedicate to it!

Soul- I haven't been back to church since my falling out about 2 years ago (not with God, or church, just a very bad relationship that was mixed up with it all) and have been so thirsty for good worship. I have searched out a few college single groups in the area, and I'm looking forward to testing a few out!

Along with working on my Mind, Body, and Soul, I am looking forward to a few more pleasures:
~ Spending time watching "Inside the Actor's Studio" with friends who appreciate James Lipton as much as I do
~Focusing on my photography and saving for new equipment
~Working with Scott to finish up my web site and get it online for the world to see
~Spend quality time with friends that I have kept on the back burner because I've had to focus
on school work - Sorry guys! I'll make it up to you soon :)
~Have 2 whole days for a weekend again
~Stay up late because I want to, not because I'm cramming for a paper or test

I'm sure there are more things that I'm looking forward to that I'm forgetting right now, but I'll be sure to update them as I remember (haha).

The Simple Pleasures...

So, with school winding down, I've had a little more time to spend with Tre'Von and Tai'Lan over the past couple of days, which has been great!

(By the way, there has been a little confusion out there, I'm hearing, about my relation to the boys, and I just wanted to clear up that they are my roommate's boys. As much as I would love to claim them as my own, they aren't, and they're not my brother's babies either)

I'm so amazed at how much you can learn from children. The innocence in the way they approach life is amazing, and it makes me realize that I take far too much for granted. Tre'Von is 2 years and 3 months old, and he is growing so quickly! He talks so much now, and it's so much fun to carry on a conversation with him. The other night he picked up a DVD case and asked me what it was, and I told him it was "Pirates of the Carribean" (a personal fave!) and he pointed to Jack Sparrow, and asked who it was, and I told him it was Johnny Depp. He walked around the house for hours repeating the name Johnny Depp, it was so cute! At one point I said, "oh yes, we love Johnny Depp," to which he repeated. "I lul oo (love you) Johnny Depp". Haha! It was awesome! His latest phase is that everything is "eww" or "yucky". If you tell him its not yucky, he's okay with it, but first he has to say it, and make a face:

Haha... its so funny! He is the most animated kid I know!

Tai'Lan is 11 months old and he is growing up so quickly! He is very vocal now with all his gibberish and proclaiming "mama" whenever he wants someone's attention. He is such a happy baby with enough energy to fuel a household! He just makes my day when he gives me that big grin and tries to climb in my lap:


Almost There!!

So today was my last day of scheduled classes!!! Only need to hand in one paper, and one portfolio next week, and I'm done!! Woo hoo!!


Some advice from Johnny Depp...

I find this advice from Johnny Depp to a studio full of actor's intriguing and so full of vulnerable reality.


My Newest Obsession...

I have become absolutely obsessed with "Inside the Actor's Studio" on Bravo. James Lipton does an amazing job on researching entertainment moguls, and the vulnerability shines through in some of my favorite entertainers. Try Youtube-ing this show and watch a few clips, you'll know what I mean.

Here's Elton John (love him!) singing "Your Song" on the show...

and this is just cool!

at the end of the interview James asks all the interviewees the same set of questions. Here are Robin Williams' answers...


The Happy Couple...

On the way back to Boise Blake, Jill, and I stopped in Glenns Ferry to take some engagement/fun photos. We found a really cool site that I'm going to have to keep in mind for future shoots for sure. Here are just a few so far...



Thanksgiving was another hit this year with lots of good food, family, movies, and fun. I love this time of year. Getting together with family (and taking a break from school of course!) and spending time reminiscing about when we kids were younger, hearing about when our parents were younger, and just laughing in general.
Here are a few pics of our time together...

Mom and Aunt Sandy
Grandma Snelson and me
Jill and Blake
Uncle Lauren and Aunt Janet
Uncle Rodney and I playing cards
Uncle Rodney pouring the champagne
Toasting to the newly engaged couple
Newly engaged
His napkin... "bold move" ...haha
The good kids washing dishes
Those NOT washing dishes
The "kids" table
Mom and me
Aunt Sandy, Jill, and Blake
Proof that Jill washed a dish
The men out golfing
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Rodney