Weekend Update | The Good Life

After a crazy busy week I decided to really do the weekend up right.  In the spirit of embracing "now" I chose activities that I've either been putting off, or been wanting to do for some time and just haven't had the time.

This weekend included:

  • The first meeting of The Ladies Who Brunch, Book Club.
  • Time relaxing with family (snuggly baby included!)
  • Yoga
  • Church (the first time I've attended church in about 5 years)

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I loved every minute of my weekend.  Everything about it was good for my soul.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything to embrace 'now?'


My Word For 2014 | NOW

The past year brought me many great things.  I experienced love and heartbreak, growth and loss, and discovered much more about myself and the strength I didn't know I possessed.
2013 was a great year, but I'm ready to put it behind me.

Moving into 2014 I knew I wanted to choose a word to title this year.  I wanted a word that I could focus on when the going (inevitably) gets tough, and a word that I could use to celebrate and embrace the positive.  Many words came to mind, but one circled round time and again, and I knew it was my word.

NOW: adverb | at the present time or moment.

Now doesn't mean forever and it doesn't indicate the past.  Now is the present.

How do I feel now?
What is best now?
When do I need to act?  Now.

 photo _MG_8119_zps91d98712.jpg

The other day I caught the most beautiful sunset at the coast and had to pull my car over to really take it in.  I was amazed by the light, and how it seemed to make all time stop.  The perfect light at sunset lasts less than a minute as the sun kisses the horizon for a mere moment and then dips beneath it altogether. As I was struck by the beauty of the moment, I couldn't help but think how perfect that particular now was.  I can't help but think that each now is perfect in its own way.  It may not be as obvious as that now was, but it's perfect none-the-less, and I look forward to the many perfect "nows" 2014 has to offer.

Do you pick a word to focus on during the New Year?
What were would you pick if you did?


Closing Out The Year | December in an Instagram

 photo December_zps717ce6e0.png

December was a great month!  Lots of times with friends and family and traveling to Idaho and back.  December was also a time of reflection mixed with looking forward as I closed out 2013 and started planning 2014.  It was a month of ups and downs emotionally, but luckily it always ended on the upswing as I looked to each situation as a moment for growth.  

I spent a bit of time decorating my apartment and being intentional with some furniture additions.  It was entirely new for me since I've lived the past 10 years as minimalistic as possible.  I like being minimalist, and still strive to live simply and at my means, but I'm enjoying nesting in my home.  Previous to this apartment the longest I lived in one place was 9 months.  I've been in my current home for 18 months with no plans to move.  It's a lovely feeling to be happy with my home.

As I move into 2014, I'm excited to continue being intentional with my relationships, health, and finances.  There's some huge additions to my professional life that I'm really looking forward to developing, and enjoying the growing pains that I've experienced.

Cheers to a wonderful December and moving forward!