New business cards!

Last week I ran out of business cards... so I designed and ordered new ones!

I super love them :)



Taking a moment...

I'd like to thank God for many things including, but not limited to:

- Good examples of attitude and love where I work. It's such a blessing to have genuine positivity right in my office.
- The opportunity to be creative and interact with new people and personalities daily.
- New contacts and networking opportunities that lead to photography/design/writing opportunities.
- fall colors...they're finally here!
- weekends with a full schedule of all the things I love.
- the small things (comfortable jeans, hoodie weather, warm coffee and tea, choco chip pancakes, rain, sun, clouds, running buddies, and on and on.)
- friends who are honest, even when it hurts, because they truly love me.

And just for fun...


A moment of the heart

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face.  I have revisited this post 4 times now, trying to finish without dissolving into tears, and I can't do it.  That last line... "you'll know it when you find it."
I've found it.  Why in the world am I not pursuing it?


It's easy to give other people power.

It's easy to let them define me, to let them take leadership roles and say what's what and create the rules I live by.

The power I seek exists within myself. No one needs to give me permission.

I have the power.

I have the power to create my own qualifications.

I have the power to be competent, inspiring, passionate, obsessed, impatient, hungry, driven, adoring, inspired, an artist, a genius or someone who cares.

I have the power to lose weight and get fit.

I have the power to get out of debt.

I have the power to smile and be happy.

I have the power to find my passion and do something with it.

I have the power to become an expert on any subject I wish.

I have the power to live by any manifesto I like, or create my own.

I have the power to be my best self.

You have the power too.  Now what are you going to do with it?


Concert Goodness

So the David Cook/Gavin DeGraw concert was simply... amazing.

The Knitting Factory is a small venue in Boise, and I love seeing shows there.  It's so small and intimate, and you can really see the stage well from virtually anywhere.  The other thing I love about it, is they have a full bar.

Good music, good friends, and good booze.
Does it get much better than that? ;)

Richard and I purposefully went late.  We hadn't heard of the opening band, and knew David would be last to take the stage, so we didn't bother waiting in the annoying lines.  When we got there Carolina Liars were just finishing their set.  I thought I had never heard of them, but immediately recognized them from my favorite Pandora station (Civil Twilight)!  I was glad to catch at least a few of their songs before they were through.  After the show they were hanging out near the door selling their cd's and I chatted with the lead singer about what a wonderful job they did.  Pretty cool :)

Next up was Gavin DeGraw.  I don't know much of his new stuff, so I wasn't too excited about seeing him, but he was GREAT!  He played a ton of his old stuff, and I had forgotten how much I loved his first album.  He put on a great show, and was very personable with the crowd.

Next up was my beloved David.  Richard and I immediately fell in love with him when he first appeared on American Idol in 2009.  He has an amazing talent and is so real.  He was a total nerd on stage, and I love it!  Man can he rock!

You're not supposed to take pictures during the concert, but I snuck my good camera in (hey, they didn't check my purse!) and could not resist snapping a few of David and praying they'd turn out.  I was so happy that they did!  You can see in the following pics that we were just a few rows back by the end of his set.

Sigh... such a beautiful man...

And my favorite pic of all.  It's not in the best focus, but he's looking RIGHT AT ME!  :D

Richard ended up catching David's drumstick and gave it to me!
Sigh, what a fantastic night!


Fitness goals

I've been struggling lately. Experiencing depressive thoughts and energy. Depression I haven't experienced since before marathon training last year. A few nights ago I was chatting with my roommate (and fellow TNTer) about it, and realized that I don't have any goals on the calendar. No goals equals no motivation or pressure to workout. No work outs leads to a depressed Macey.

So I'm putting some goals on the calendar!

Here's what I have so far:
- Boise Turkey Trot relay November 2011
- Boise Christmas Run December 2011
- Race to Robie Creek half marathon April 2012
- Grand Canyon hike (take 2) May 2012
- Lake Tahoe Century Ride (take 2) June 2012
- Pacific Crest HALF IRONMAN (!!!) July 2012
- Nike Women's Marathon (take 2) October 2012

Things to train for, and something to look forward to around every corner. I can't wait!!

Fitness flashbacks...



Who has two thumbs, a big smile and tickets to see Gavin DeGraw and David Cook Monday night?

This girl!!

God's handiwork

Last nights sunset, and this mornings rise. Thank you for beauty Lord.



My trip to Portland (which I haven't blogged about yet, I know) was hands down, the best vacation I've had... Maybe ever. (I'll blog about why soon, promise)

While on lunch today I came across this punchcard from one the coffee houses Rick and I visited in downtown, and the memories came flooding back. Relaxing, chill and minimalist- that's Stumptown.

I miss it.



Grateful in Portland.

My 10 grateful thoughts this morning:

1- Family. Even when you don't see them for years at a time, they're there for you any time.
2- Friends. Old and new.
3- Overcast weather.
4- RAIN!
5- A break from the every day routine.
6- Opportunities and new horizons.
7- Smiles. They really make everything brighter.
8- Time with God. Even if it's just for a few seconds at a time.
9- Butterflies in my belly.
10- Awareness.