Fitness goals

I've been struggling lately. Experiencing depressive thoughts and energy. Depression I haven't experienced since before marathon training last year. A few nights ago I was chatting with my roommate (and fellow TNTer) about it, and realized that I don't have any goals on the calendar. No goals equals no motivation or pressure to workout. No work outs leads to a depressed Macey.

So I'm putting some goals on the calendar!

Here's what I have so far:
- Boise Turkey Trot relay November 2011
- Boise Christmas Run December 2011
- Race to Robie Creek half marathon April 2012
- Grand Canyon hike (take 2) May 2012
- Lake Tahoe Century Ride (take 2) June 2012
- Pacific Crest HALF IRONMAN (!!!) July 2012
- Nike Women's Marathon (take 2) October 2012

Things to train for, and something to look forward to around every corner. I can't wait!!

Fitness flashbacks...