30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 16 - Something I Always Think 'What If' About

I'm not one to live in the land of 'what if.'  In my core I believe that everything happens exactly as and when it should in order to shape us into the people we are.  I mean, we've all seen those movies where someone goes back and changes the "bad thing" that happened to them which causes this giant chain reaction where someone they love dies, or they end up homeless, or...  Right?

But this quote has been going through my head a lot lately...


And I can't help but wonder what kind of shape I would be in today had I stuck with a strict, healthy lifestyle over the years.

BUT, there's no time like the present right?  I've started running more, doing small daily stretches and strengthening exercises, and journaling what and when I eat in order to focus on nutrition.  I have surrounded myself with many friends who are healthy and all of them are supportive and helpful.  I feel like this is the tipping point for me.  Yay!


In other news, today is my niece's 4th birthday!  I'm super bummed that I can't be there for her celebration this year, but I'll be seeing her over Christmas, and I'm sure we'll FaceTime soon.  I also have a super special surprise being delivered to her tonight, so that's exciting!

Happy Birthday baby girl!  I love you so, so much!!!


What do YOU think "what if" about?
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