30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 14 - What I Wore Today and Weekend in Reveiw

Wow, I fell off the wagon with this 30 Day Challenge hardcore!  Life got BUSY.

Since today's prompt is "What I Wore" and I also want to write about the awesome weekend I had, I decided to roll it all into one!

Saturday began with a run around the waterfront loop with my girls Kayla, Ashely, Bee and our newest group member, Jill.  (Jill is a reader of Kayla's blog and asked to join us!  How awesome is that?!)  Sadly the run was only ok this time for me due to a painful cramp in my left calf and a strain feeling on the side of my right one.  I've been running in my Vibram Five Fingers, which I LOVE, but my feet, Achilles and calves have been angry with me the past week because of me forcing them to work so hard.  So I ran with the girls for the first mile, but then I just couldn't keep up.  No matter whether I was walking or running, I hurt.  I told the girls to go ahead because I was holding them back and Bee, Kayla and Jill trudged on.  Ashley was very sweet and insisted on staying with me.  She can go forever and never needs walking breaks, so she bounced along beside me (very slowly bless her heart) and kept me entertained and my mind off the pain.

After our "run" Kayla and I joined Bee back at her place and worked on blog stuff.  She was a very kind hostess and gave us some DELICIOUS apple crisp and yummy coffee to fuel our work.

Stolen from Kayla

Then Saturday night was the PNW Blogger Holiday Party! This was a fun event all centered around bloggers getting out and networking!  It was hosted at West Elm in the Pearl and Whole Foods was on hand with yummy appetizers and libations.

Thanks to Bee for snapping this pic of me!

I wore my purple silhouette dress that I picked up at the Dress Barn last spring.  I realized about 15 minutes before I needed to leave that my one pair of black tights is missing, so I made a quick decision and gray tights with gray shoes it was!  I actually like how it came together, so I guess the tights missing was a good thing!

Jenni and I looking cute | Party organizers Chelsey and Jenni talking to the group about the awesome event
The ever adorable Bee and I posing for a pic | Owls were everywhere and I loved it!

Chelsey announcing winners of the giveaways | The prints I prepared for all the bloggers
Bee looking quite dapper | My favorite piece in our SWAG bags!

It was a great evening and I met lots of fun and fabulous bloggers!  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put on the event!

Sunday morning I met up with my friend Heather for a pancake brunch.  I had delicious pumpkin pancakes and enjoyed catching up on everything that's happened over the past couple of weeks.  We try to get together at least once a week and I always feel so uplifted after seeing her.  She's such a good person to have in my life!

Here's what I wore to brunch Sunday.  New hat from Old Navy.  Scarf that I've had a few years,
my new Silver jeans (that I LOVE) and my TOMS

Then Sunday afternoon I met back up with Kayla for a photoshoot for her blog.  We got lots of fun running pics and I can't wait to share them all after she sees them!  Here's just one sneak peek though of one of my favorite shots we came away with!


Whew!  What a fun and BUSY weekend!!  In between all this fun I also cleaned my apartment, cleaned my car, did some grocery shopping, finished my laundry and cooked some meals for the week.  

How was YOUR weekend?
What fun things did YOU wear?
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