30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 18 - A Problem I Have Had

There are many things I could write about today.  My car has been having issues, I have too many dishes needing washed, my laundry is piling up and my diet could improve.  But I don't like to think of these things as "problems" per se, but more as opportunities for growth. 

For the sake of this entry though, I'll go ahead and expand on a particular problem I've been having... if that's what you want to call it.  Really it's both a blessing and a curse.

You see, I see beauty everywhere.
I mean it.

I take a walk down the street and see 15 thousand things I could photograph.
Picking The Kid up from school?  160 million smiling, beautiful faces.
Drinking coffee with a friend?  I can't count that high.

This is wonderful, of course, I'm surrounded by beauty and it makes me happy.  But it also drives me CRAZY.  Why?  Because sometimes I don't have my camera with me.  And other times I'm driving, so it's not safe to take a picture, and most of the time I'm with someone who's not patient enough to let me take a picture (aka The Kid).

So while I'm mostly being silly, I'm also quite serious.  Seeing how awesome and beautiful light, shadow, people, things, etc are is wonderful, but it can also be extremely distracting.

Here's a few of the beautiful things that have been catching my eye lately...


What is a problem YOU have been having?
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