A Brief Update | New URL and Movember

Big news over here...

this blog now has its own URL!


And in other news, 


I've officially become a MoSista and am raising funds to help eradicate cancer and shed light on men's health! 
Want to see my page and/or make a donation?  Visit my page here!

30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 13 - My Opinion About My Body and How Comfortable I am With It

I love my body.  With it I've accomplished some amazing things.  I've survived a condition that put me on steroids and chemo for over 2 years, completed a century bike ride, completed a marathon (and multiple halves) and hiked the Grand Canyon.  I'm blessed with two working legs, two fully functional arms, all 20 fingers and toes and healthy organs.


But let's be honest, I've taken this body for granted.  I've overfed it on sweets, carbs and yummy coffee drinks.  I've allowed it to get lazy, and not pushed it to it's full potential.  I'm fairly comfortable in my own skin, but that's only because I've acquiesced, choosing to not hold myself to the healthy standard I really wish to attain.

2 years ago I completed my first marathon and proved to myself that I could do it.  I had thrown a gigantic goal out in front of me and charged through it.  I had proven to myself that with perseverance I could accomplish anything.  But that's where it stopped.  I've ridden high on that single event for 2 years, and I'm over it.  I'm ready to stop saying, "when I completed my marathon" and begin saying, "yep, I'm a runner."  I'm working on it.  I have a good support system in place, and a group of friends who are running alongside me.

I made a conscious decision when I moved to Portland to build intentional relationships.  Friends who lift me up, support me, challenge me and share common ideals.  I'm happy to say that's exactly what's happening.  I've made some amazing friends here already, and am giddy with delight when I think about all that's possible with good people surrounding and supporting me.

How do YOU feel about YOUR body?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 12 - Five Guys Whom I Find Attractive

Oh gee, I suppose if you twist my arm I'll talk about some hot men.
Oh, and you want photos too?  Umm, OK!

Well in that case, let's get started (picture me cracking my knuckles, wiggling my fingertips over the keyboard in excited anticipation and....)

Let's start with Colin Firth!

This man has been at the top of my list of sexy actors since I first saw him play Mr. Darcy in A&E's Pride and Prejudice, then when I saw him as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones' Diary, his fate was sealed.  And don't even get me started on his character in Love Actually!

The curls, the scruff, the twinkle in his eye...

Hey Jude.
Jude, Jude, Jude.
If only you knew how hot you are.  Oh wait, you do?  Oh well, you're hot enough that smug air of ego actually works for you.  Never stop making movies.  I beg you.

Ewan, all we need is love, and I've got enough to share.

Ok, so I'm not the biggest fan of Gerald Butler's films.  I could have done without The Ugly Truth and 300 was really more for the guys.  PS I Love You was pretty good, but made me cry way too much.
But look at the man! I mean, seriously!

Hey Ryan.
When you lift Emma Stone ala Dirty Dancing's final scene, I pretend it's me. 
Don't be creeped out.  It's meant to be a compliment.


Which Hollywood hunks are YOUR favorite?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 11 - My Family

Let me start by saying, "MY FAMILY IS AWESOME!!!"

Seriously, I love them so, so much.  I was blessed with a very loving and supportive family, and I'm so proud of how close we've stayed over the years.  Whenever I talk with someone who isn't close with their siblings, or have had a falling out with a family member, it just makes me so sad.  I can't imagine what my life would be like without their constant input and feedback on my life.

So anyway, here they all are... LOVE YOU GUYS!

My Dad and Mom
My older brother, Jed; his wife, Danielle; and my niece, Joie
My younger brother, Kalen, and his wife, Brandie
My sister-cousin (we are cousins but close as sisters) Jill and her husband Blake
My sister-aunt (technically my aunt, but we're more like sisters) Saleen and her girls, Echo and Willow.
not pictured her husband Rhett

Who are the members of YOUR family?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 10 - Put iPod on Shuffle and List First 10 Songs

Random? Yes, but here goes...

Sara Bareilles | Love on the Rocks
Lady Antebellum | Love I've Found In You
U2 | With or Without You
Barenaked Ladies | What A Good Boy
The Eagles | Waiting in the Weeds
Kelly Clarkson | Don't You Wanna Stay
Jack Johnson | No Other Way
Civil Twilight | Highway of Fallen Kings
The Beatles | Hey Jude
Gavin DeGraw | Belief


In other news, I attended a Halloween party last night with my friend Ryan.  The party was hosted by Jenni at A Well Crafted Party and her husband Brian.  We had a great time and met some fun and fabulous people!  More pictures to come soon, but in the meantime here we are in our costumes...


I dressed as Love A Lot Care Bear and Ryan was Sherlock Holmes. 

What fun things are YOU doing to celebrate the holiday?
What are the first 10 songs that come up on YOUR iPod?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 8 - What I Ate Today


This is my adorable and super sassy Grandma - aka Gramma Cookie.  She lives about an hour and a half north of me now, which beats the 10 hrs away she was when I lived in Boise!  It was her floor that I slept on for the first 2 weeks I lived here while I found a job and a place to live.  She's always supported me in everything I do in any way possible.

Her birthday was last week, and it was the perfect excuse for us to schedule a gramma/granddaughter lunch date!  We met up in Woodland (close to halfway for each of us) and chatted for a few hours.  She filled me in on her 21 day Mediterranean cruise she just returned from (with her boyfriend!) and I filled her in on how things in Portland are going for me.  It was lovely, and I while I was a little sad to hug her goodbye, it was also nice knowing that I can pretty much see her again anytime I want.

Oh, and since this post is supposed to be about what I ate today, I had a tuna melt and it was delicious.

What did YOU eat today?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 7 - 5 Pet Peeves

Pardon me while I get my 'game face' on...

Some serious, and not so serious Pet Peeves of mine

Intolerance - intolerance of others based on race, age, sex, class, etc is not cool.  I don't handle people talking or acting poorly towards others very well.  In fact, I'll usually say something to call the intolerant individual out, and then smile.  The smile is what gets them.  It's awesome.

Lack of Respect - whether it be talking to people rudely, not showing up on time, cutting someone off on the freeway, etc, etc, etc.  It's all rude, and it all grates on my nerves.

Talking on the phone in the bathroom - There is something so annoying about sitting down to ... ahem, 'do my business'... and hearing someone say, "Hello? Oh hi ______."  Ugh.  Wait 5 minutes and call them back, seriously!

Bicyclists Who Don't Announce Themselves When I'm Running - If you're going to ride your bike around me and not announce yourself first, do not be annoyed when I don't get out of your way.  And furthermore, it's YOUR fault if I get startled and jump in front of you.  Just ring a bell or say something.  That's all it takes.  Really.

Lurkers on Facebook - I understand that not everyone engages in social media on a regular occurrence, and I'm ok with friends who read and/or comment on posts even though they themselves never post.  However, it's creepy when someone is on there, never posts, never comments but then brings up specific things from Facebook when I see them in person.  It totally throws me for a loop!  I had one friend (no longer a friend on fb) who would even comment on things I'd written on someone else's page, who she wasn't friends with and didn't even know!  Seriously, the conversation was,
Lurker: so I see ____ has moved into a new place.
Me: oh, are you friends with ___?
Lurker: no, I saw your comments on her pictures, looks like a nice place.
Me: do you know ____?  She lives in CA
Lurker: nope
Me:  ??????

What are a few of YOUR pet peeves?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 6 - My Views on Mainstream Music

Pardon me while I go all 'hipster' for a moment...

Mainstream music has it's place.  It really does.  I completely understand why musicians dream of making it big and to the radio.  After all, that's where the money is.  That's were recognition and a following happens.  I get it. 

I have some friends who work in the music industry, and a few of them are even DJ's with a rather large following themselves.  So I'm going to politely ask them to turn away from the computer for a moment while I tell the rest of you this...


I hate the commercials, the song interruptions with someone talking over the intro, the remixes, the over play, etc.  Every so often I'll turn it on in my car and I'm immediately reminded why I dislike it.  I would much rather listen to Pandora, my own CDs, or a mix on my iPod any day.

Some of my favorite artists are ruined by going mainstream.  Adele?  I LOVED her a few years ago.  Right after her freshman album was released I caught one of her songs on Pandora, loved her sound and bought it.  I enjoyed her for close to a year before she caught fire with her second album.  I was able to enjoy it for about a week before she was EVERYWHERE and I couldn't take it anymore.  I like to pick my music to create an atmosphere and when Adele is pumping over the speakers at my gym, coffee shop, book store and the mall, well the atmosphere is out the window.

I also love to find out about music organically.  The other day I was in a coffee shop in Portland and had the best conversation with the cute barista!  He was humming a Mumford and Sons song and I told him I loved their new album.  Next thing I know 20 minutes had passed and we both had a list of 10 or more new artists to try out. 

Ok, I'm going to get off my soapbox now, but I'll leave you with a list of my favorite artists at the moment.  Give these guys a listen, but try and find the songs that aren't played on the radio.  I find that the lesser known ones are often the best!

Amos Lee - Bottom of the Barrel and Arms of a Woman are my favorite!
Mumford & Sons - The Boxer is amazing!!! (and I know it's a remake of Paul Simone's song, but it's seriously beautiful)
The Lumineers - Classy Girls is my current favorite.
Florance T and the Machine - ironically the one that everyone knows, Heavy, is my current favorite
Civil Twilight - the entire first album is golden (the second one is good too)
The Civil Wars
Avett Brothers
Regina Spektor 

I'd like to also add that I don't hate popular or mainstream music all the time.  I mean there is nothing better to run or workout to than a little Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.  Also, I love me some David Cook and Glee, so, you know, I'm not hipster all the time.  ;)

How do YOU feel about mainstream music?
Who are your favorite artists currently?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 5 - Things I Want to Say to My Ex

Dear __________

Thank you.  Thank you for teaching me how strong I can be.  Thank you for teaching me that I'm bigger than a broken heart and bigger than the little opinion I had of myself when I was with you.  I now know that I want someone in my life who will build me up rather than tear me down and belittle me.  I want to surround myself with people who love me unconditionally for who I am, right now; not who I will be when I __________.

But most of all, I want to say I love you.  Because I do.  I will always love you, the same as I love everyone.  With openness, grace and forgiveness.  True love.  Honest love.  I wish you the best.

Good bye.


What would YOU like to say your ex?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 4 - My Day Bulleted

  • 6:30am - woke up and rubbed eyes, hit snooze
  • 6:39am - hit snooze again
  • 6:48am - yup, snooze
  • 7:00am - bounced out of bed and got dressed for a run in the rain!
  • 7:30am - coffee and oatmeal
  • 8:30am - met up with Kayla and Ashley for our Roggers (running bloggers) run!
  • 9:00am - run interrupted by bridge lifting

  • 9:30am - ran into Kayla's friend Mathew!
  • 9:35am - run done, said good-byes
  • 10:00am - drove to Walmart to get Halloween costume pieces (post on details later!)
  • 10:15am - found my friend Ryan's name hiding in the glitter bin!!  Sent him a text telling him so :)

  • 11:00am - checked out and had this awesome encounter with the cashier
  • 11:05-11:35am - drove home and talked on the phone with my mom, friend Rick, little brother and landlord - phone call marathon!
  • 11:40am - checked the mail and got my Peter Pan prints!!!!!! (post on this soon!)

  • 11:50am - shower
  • 12:10pm - coffee round 2
  • 12:15pm - worked on costume while watching Big Bang Theory
  • 1:00pm - lunch!
  • 1:30pm - worked on my project for the PNW Blogger Holiday Party goodie bags!

  • 2:00pm - made plans with a friend to surprise another friend at his show in Gresham tonight
  • 2:10pm - cleaned apartment, did dishes, vacuumed, dusted, blah, blah, blah...
Ok, it's 5:30 now and I'm going to get ready, go to dinner with a friend and then go surprise another friend at his show in Gresham tonight.

*Edited at 12:30am to add this...

Rick doing his thang at his show in Gresham!

What did YOU do today?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 3 - A Book I Love

Really, just ONE?!

Hello, my name is Macey and I am a book-a-holic.

My mom was determined to teach her children to read as soon as possible and had me reading at the age of 4. (Realizing she could have had me reading even earlier, she taught my little brother at the age of 3).  I fell in love with reading.  Whenever a birthday or Christmas rolled around, all I wanted was books.  It didn't even matter to me what book it was, I just wanted to read.

One of my happiest memories is Christmas when I was 12.  My mom kept asking me what I wanted/needed and I just kept telling her "books."  She kept asking me which books, and I would just say, "any book."  So on Christmas morning there was a large box under the tree for me, and you know what was in it?  BOOKS!  TONS of them!  My mom found a few booksales through the library and went to town!

Over the years I've put together quite the collection, but sadly, most of them are now gone.  I went through a period of simplifying my life before moving to Portland and having 12 boxes of books to lug around just seemed like too much.  So I sold them.

There were a handful that I just couldn't part with yet though...


If you've known me for any amount of time, you most likely know the following three things:
  1. I love Peter Pan and all the variations of his story.
  2. Shakespeare is my sunshine on a cloudy day.
  3. Anything that embodies positivity and fun is something I want to be a part of.
So I keep these books around.  I read them often.  I look at the beautiful illustrations and I allow myself to dream and experience through their words.

What is a book that YOU love?
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30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 1 - Five Ways to My Heart

Be Kind
It's a simple statement, but not a simple act.  To be kind is to love, to be gentle, to be humble and act with compassion and grace.  It makes a world of difference to others to be approached with kindness and genuine kindness radiates from the soul.  To me, it is beautiful.

Be Open
I realize that not everyone is as open a book as I am, but being open to conversation, to new ideas and to discovering is important to me when making a connection with someone.  

Be Positive
Things are going to go wrong.  That's life.  But life is good, and there's always a silver lining.  It's not bad to be sad or angry or to feel an emotion besides happiness, but it's draining to be around an individual who is always responding toward the negative.  I choose to surround myself with those who are positive and have a healthy response to the Universe.

Be Confident
Confidence is something that shines from within.  It doesn't need any boasting, or showing off.  It's just there and it's a very attractive quality.

Be Fun
Life is not serious.  Be silly.  There is nothing better than encouraging a stranger through a random act of silliness.

What are 5 ways to YOUR heart?
Want to join the 30 Day Challenge?  See the list here!

30 Day Blogging Challenge

In an effort to get in the habit of posting each day, I decided to take on a 30 Day Posting Challenge.  This worked really well for me when I took on the 30 Day Photo Challenge a couple years ago (see those posts here) and searched the internets for a similar challenge. 

So here's the list.  I'd love for you to join along!  Leave a link to your blog in the comments section if you'd like to join in!


Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

Inspired by Jenni's post on her hair over on her blog Leave the Laundry For Later, I decided to look back through my own hair changes over the years.  Sadly I could only go back as far as I've been blogging because pre- Myspace, Facebook and this blog, I didn't take photos (or if I did I didn't keep them anywhere readily available).

I've always hopped back-and-forth between short and medium length hair and loved both for different reasons.  I loved how easy and sassy my short hair was, and then I look at my longer hair (especially when I had bangs) and love that look too!  I've been growing my hair out over the last 6 months and feel like it's finally past the awkward stage and can actually enjoy my hair again.  (I'm really wanting it to be long enough to pull back into a ponytail again for when I workout.)

I really like change though and have been itching to do something to my hair to change my look, even if it's just slightly.  Since cutting it is out of the question (because growing your hair out is such a royal pain) I decided to dye it!  I usually go darker in the fall/winter months anyway, so the timing was right!  I purchased a box of black dye from Target this weekend and went to town!

So here's what my hair looked like the night before I dyed it...

And here's what my hair looks like now! 

Not the best pic, but it gives you an idea at least :)

I like it!  It's just enough of a change that I'm not itching to cut it anymore, and I can just continue to let it grow.

What is your favorite hairstyle on yourself?
Do you ever just get the itch for change and do something drastic "just because"?


Fitness + Inspiration = Fitspiration!

My friend, Ryan, and I ventured out to cheer on the Portland Marathon runners/walkers yesterday morning.  He is currently training for a half marathon in March, and I've been toying with the idea of strapping on my running shoes vibrams again and training for my own.  Watching all the runners of varying age, size, and abilities definitely worked as inspiration fitspiration for both of us!

We rode around on our bikes cheering on the runners as we went until we'd find a good spot to stand in and show them our sign.  We got MANY thumbs ups, laughs and people wanting to stop to take our picture.

It was a blessing filled morning being in the sunshine, spending time with a good friend, being inspired by so many individuals, and connecting to other souls through genuine smiles.

I'm excited to get my game plan together and start training for my next half marathon!! 


September in an Instagram

Beach Trips | Flower Picking | Birthday Celebrations
PNW Hiking | Coffee Shops | Long Walks
Concert Dwelling | Frisbee Playing | Collaborating

Just a snapshot of the great month that was September 2012.