30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 1 - Five Ways to My Heart

Be Kind
It's a simple statement, but not a simple act.  To be kind is to love, to be gentle, to be humble and act with compassion and grace.  It makes a world of difference to others to be approached with kindness and genuine kindness radiates from the soul.  To me, it is beautiful.

Be Open
I realize that not everyone is as open a book as I am, but being open to conversation, to new ideas and to discovering is important to me when making a connection with someone.  

Be Positive
Things are going to go wrong.  That's life.  But life is good, and there's always a silver lining.  It's not bad to be sad or angry or to feel an emotion besides happiness, but it's draining to be around an individual who is always responding toward the negative.  I choose to surround myself with those who are positive and have a healthy response to the Universe.

Be Confident
Confidence is something that shines from within.  It doesn't need any boasting, or showing off.  It's just there and it's a very attractive quality.

Be Fun
Life is not serious.  Be silly.  There is nothing better than encouraging a stranger through a random act of silliness.

What are 5 ways to YOUR heart?
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