30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 10 - Put iPod on Shuffle and List First 10 Songs

Random? Yes, but here goes...

Sara Bareilles | Love on the Rocks
Lady Antebellum | Love I've Found In You
U2 | With or Without You
Barenaked Ladies | What A Good Boy
The Eagles | Waiting in the Weeds
Kelly Clarkson | Don't You Wanna Stay
Jack Johnson | No Other Way
Civil Twilight | Highway of Fallen Kings
The Beatles | Hey Jude
Gavin DeGraw | Belief


In other news, I attended a Halloween party last night with my friend Ryan.  The party was hosted by Jenni at A Well Crafted Party and her husband Brian.  We had a great time and met some fun and fabulous people!  More pictures to come soon, but in the meantime here we are in our costumes...


I dressed as Love A Lot Care Bear and Ryan was Sherlock Holmes. 

What fun things are YOU doing to celebrate the holiday?
What are the first 10 songs that come up on YOUR iPod?
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