30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 7 - 5 Pet Peeves

Pardon me while I get my 'game face' on...

Some serious, and not so serious Pet Peeves of mine

Intolerance - intolerance of others based on race, age, sex, class, etc is not cool.  I don't handle people talking or acting poorly towards others very well.  In fact, I'll usually say something to call the intolerant individual out, and then smile.  The smile is what gets them.  It's awesome.

Lack of Respect - whether it be talking to people rudely, not showing up on time, cutting someone off on the freeway, etc, etc, etc.  It's all rude, and it all grates on my nerves.

Talking on the phone in the bathroom - There is something so annoying about sitting down to ... ahem, 'do my business'... and hearing someone say, "Hello? Oh hi ______."  Ugh.  Wait 5 minutes and call them back, seriously!

Bicyclists Who Don't Announce Themselves When I'm Running - If you're going to ride your bike around me and not announce yourself first, do not be annoyed when I don't get out of your way.  And furthermore, it's YOUR fault if I get startled and jump in front of you.  Just ring a bell or say something.  That's all it takes.  Really.

Lurkers on Facebook - I understand that not everyone engages in social media on a regular occurrence, and I'm ok with friends who read and/or comment on posts even though they themselves never post.  However, it's creepy when someone is on there, never posts, never comments but then brings up specific things from Facebook when I see them in person.  It totally throws me for a loop!  I had one friend (no longer a friend on fb) who would even comment on things I'd written on someone else's page, who she wasn't friends with and didn't even know!  Seriously, the conversation was,
Lurker: so I see ____ has moved into a new place.
Me: oh, are you friends with ___?
Lurker: no, I saw your comments on her pictures, looks like a nice place.
Me: do you know ____?  She lives in CA
Lurker: nope
Me:  ??????

What are a few of YOUR pet peeves?
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