Discovering my Desires in 2014

As I wrap up 2013 and gear up for the amazing year that 2014 promises to be, I'm taking time to focus on my intentions.  I'll be sharing what my intentions are for the coming year just after New Years, but thought in the meantime I would share a few of my favorite resources for goal setting.

Rachel over at Tossing the Script shared an amazing PDF resource with me during our goal setting meeting on Sunday.  You can find the workbook here and the author's blog here.   I'm slowly making my way through the prompts and LOVING it!  I can't wait to share some of my discoveries, and would love to hear yours as well!

Another great resource that I stumbled upon today is Danielle LaPorte's "The Desire Map."  I ordered a copy from my local library this morning and am excited to spend some time figuring out what my Core Desired Feelings are.  (Which I will be sharing of course!)

This video interview of Danielle speaking about her own Core Desires and the process of goal setting is a bit of time commitment, but completely worth it.  One of my favorite take-aways from it is something she says within the first few minutes: "It's not about the goal, it's how I want to feel when I get there."
I love it!

Are you setting goals/intentions for the year 2014?
What do you think your Core Desired Feelings are?


Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

This year's Thanksgiving was a special one.  From the time I was 12 and my immediate family moved to Idaho we've been getting together with my Dad's siblings and their families for the holidays.  The idea was to have a different sibling host each year, that way everyone takes turns traveling/hosting each year.  One sister lives in Seattle, another is SW Washington, and my Dad, of course, lives in Idaho.  For the first few years the kids were all young enough that the families all worked hard to get together, despite costs, weather and life interruptions, but as we all got older it became increasingly difficult to get everyone together.  While the tradition still carried, someone - a brother, sister, child, etc - was missing from the pack.

So it was very exciting to hear that everyone could make it this year!  No one had 'other side of the family' obligations or work getting in the way.  The weather looked like it was going to hold out, and my cousin who lives in the Tri Cities (therefore equal distance from everyone) offered to host, so there were no "we have to travel too far" excuses!  Everyone (that's 16 adults, 1 five year old and 1 five month old) made it!  We all stayed at my cousin's house for 4 days, and loved every minute of it.

I really am blessed to be a part of a family that can get along and enjoy each other for that many days.

 photo _MG_7456_zpsb5d43bc3.jpg
My Aunt Sandy enjoying time with her Grand-niece Emerson
 photo _MG_7458_zps9f140616.jpg
 photo _MG_7470_zps55035285.jpg
Uncle Rodney getting his baby time in
 photo _MG_7485_zps731fca08.jpg
Joie made turkey centerpieces for all the tables
 photo _MG_7495_zpsf396e112.jpg
Joie "helping" Aunt Janet make pies
 photo _MG_7656_zps7893fd46.jpg
Lots of smiles and wine
 photo _MG_7664_zpsdc860cc2.jpg
My little brother Kalen got in some baby time too - good practice for the near future ;)
 photo _MG_77192_zps924358b6.jpg
I love my niece to pieces
 photo _MG_7733_zps5cae627a.jpg
Joie and her Papa (my dad)
 photo _MG_7739_zps0d0e00fc.jpg
Aunt Janet, Emerson,  my cousin Jill and Aunt Sandy
 photo _MG_7711_zps2bb4bb57.jpg
Everyone together!


November 2013 in an Instagram

 photo nov13_zps47201632.png

How is it December already?!
I mean seriously.

November was an event filled month!  It started off with my first ever art show (a month-long gallery even!) and ended surrounded by family for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Here's some of the highlights:
  • My art show in Newberg
  • Girls Road Trip to surprise my family over my niece's bday weekend
  • Danielle and Joie visiting Portland 
  • New glasses
  • Spending 4 days with my whole family over Thanksgiving
  • Finding out the family is growing!

Did you see family over the holiday? How was your November?
Here's to a great December!