5 Things About Me

Hello dear friends.

There's another blogging trend making the rounds, this time called 5 Things.  A new-to-me blog friend Jessi posted hers a few weeks ago and tagged me, and horrible me, I just found out.  Oops!  Guess that's what happens when you fall behind on your blog reading.

So after you read mine, you should head on over Jumping JE and read all about the adorable and lovely Jessi!  And then write your own so we can learn about you, of course!

Without further ado, here's my 5 Things:

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5 Things I'm Passionate About

Acceptance - No one is less or more important than anybody else.  We all deserve the same basic human rights, and no one has the right to infringe upon anyone else's.

Travel - I love seeing and experiencing new places.  I prefer to travel without agenda or schedule and just experience life as it unfolds.  I enjoy flying, but REALLY love road trips.

Photography - I see beauty, simplicity and love everywhere, and love to share my view with others.

Film and Literature - I love to learn and discover the world through other's stories.

Life - I am blessed beyond belief with great friends, family and opportunities - and I love to experience life in all it's perfectly imperfect beauty.

5 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

- Visit each continent at least once
- Author a book
- Experience Times Square on NYE
- Zip Line in New Zealand
- Skydive

5 Reads I Love

- Harry Potter series
- Peter Pan (original screenplay is my fav)
- The Help
- Pride and Prejudice
- Of Mice and Men

5 Places I Want to Travel (and haven't been to!)

- Greece
- Italy
- Argentina
- Hawaii
- Australia

5 Movies I'll Never Get Tired Of

- Bridget Jones' Diary
- Love Actually
- Can't Buy Me Love
- The Goonies
- The Sandlot

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Thanks again for the tag Jessi!  These posts are always so fun.

If you choose to answer these questions, please post your link in the comments, I'd love to find out more about you!


On The Road

I'm on the road again this week.  Started in Portland, had a brief stay-over in Santa Rosa and made it to Palm Desert today.  We drove down the 101 from Portland to Santa Rosa and it was be-a-utiful!!!  The coast, the Redwoods, the fog... it was all gorgeous!

 photo beachagain_zps5e2b30ec.png

I made the conscience decision to leave my big camera behind and only take pictures with my iPhone for this trip.  It's been a great challenge and I'm excited to share some tips and tricks I've discovered along the way!

How's your weekend/week going?  Traveled anywhere cool lately?


Throwback Thursday | Perseverance Baby!

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So apparently "Throwback Thursday" is a thing.  I'm cool with that.  I love looking back over photos and remember 'the good old days.'  Today I decided to throw it back to 2010.  The year I proved to myself that with dedication and perseverance, I can do anything - even finish a freaking marathon!

I have a few things in the works right now (HUZZAH for goals and passion resurfacing!) and am excited to share all the deets in do time.  Until then, I'm focusing on my intentions and reminding myself that as long I keep moving forward, everything will be just as it should.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


And Life Just Keeps On Keepin' On...

Yesterday was a good day.  I woke up feeling confident, energetic and ready to take on the world.  Don't you just love days like that?!  I know I do!

The Kid woke up ready to be outdoors and active, and since that isn't always the case, I chose to take advantage of the situation and pushed him out the door.  We started out bouldering at a gym in John's Landing called The Circuit.  It's a great option for all ages and levels!

 photo 6a913d7cfe0311e285fc22000a1f96be_7_zpsf189fb4f.jpg
 photo 026c1104fe0d11e2a12d22000a1fa52e_7_zps2e2c7b46.jpg

Having a fear of heights, The Kid is much bolder than I am when it comes to climbing, but it was fun to spot for him and cheer on his accomplishments!

Next we headed to Club Sport for some basketball and swimming.  The summer here in the Pac NW has been hot and beautiful and I've loved taking advantage of the pool when I get the chance!

On Sunday, one of my trusted advisor/friends recommended a book to me.  I have been struggling with a condition commonly referred to as "people pleasing" and he suggested the book "Don't be nice, be real," with love.  I sat drying in the sunshine while The Kid splashed around and immediately fell in love with the text.

 photo 7cc9e3fcfe1e11e2b0f022000a9f1369_7_zps25385d6c.jpg

I'm nearly half-way through this handbook now, and so excited to share a few of my "ah-ha" moments soon!  If you, or someone you know, struggles with putting themselves first - go get this book.

I ended the day with creativity time at Jenni's house.  Her son is turning 2 this weekend, and she has some GREAT plans for his birthday.  We started constructing things for the hullabaloo and I'm excited to share photos from the festivities soon!

Creative time calls for dark chocolate and wine!
(what, doesn't everybody use a mason jar for their wine?!)

 photo 24968cecfe4311e29a3e22000a1f90ce_7_zps950793ce.jpg


Weekend Shenanigans | Oregon Coast Edition

Ahhh... the weekend.  Can we have it back please?  I love my job, but this last weekend, I could seriously relive that one again and again.

It began with a six mile run/walk with my TEAM along the waterfront of Portland.  Is there any better place to be on a walk than a beautiful city, along the water with great company to chat with?  I think not.

 photo 9e372f5cfc5911e2ad7a22000a9f3090_7_zps3ed7881b.jpg

I've been really proud of myself this past month for sticking with my plan of more movement and healthier nutrition choices.  It's not always easy, but seeing the payoff has made it all worth it.

Saturday afternoon/evening I took off for the Oregon Coast with a couple of friends, Jenn and Shannon.  Jenn had scheduled a few photo shoots through her studio and Shannon and I were tagging along to help hold the reflector when necessary, and just have fun really.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day on the beach, and running around in the sand and ocean was just what my soul needed!

 photo e024a316fca611e2992f22000a1fb823_7_zps5347b9fe.jpg
 photo ae84b608fc9611e2ae2122000ae90612_7_zps36d4b7fb.jpg

Sunday was spent reflecting, meditating, and chatting with a couple of great friends I haven't seen for a while.  It was also a day my soul (and heart) needed.  Tears were shed, hugs were shared, and all of it was necessary.

I'm linking up this week with Sami to share my weekend shenanigans.  Check out her site and link up too!

Sami's Shenanigans

What did you do this weekend?  Was it a good one?


Friday Round Up

Wow, it's Friday already... YAY!!!!  I love Fridays, but really, doesn't everybody?!

I have lots of fun things planned for this weekend, but you'll have to wait for Monday to hear about all that.  For now, let's take a look at how this week panned out...

Monday | I posted about the big breakup I just experienced and what I was learning from it.  You, in turn, rose to the occasion to lend your support and friendship and I was left humbled and in awe.

Tuesday | I thanked everyone for their amazing support and told the adventure of my glowing bra while playing mini golf with an 11 year old (who beat me).

Wednesday | I shared with you all the story of how I met Bailey, an adorable 2 year old living with Leukemia and asked you to help support me in my training for a half marathon in her honor.

Thursday | I shouted from the rooftops that my new found motivation for health and fitness is paying off with a 10 pound lost in the month of July!

It was a great week with lots of time with friends and the people I care about.  Last night was a fun evening with some of my Portland Blogger friends chatting about life over wine and cheese.  I hosted everyone at my apartment, and loved filling my place with girl talk.

 photo photo3_zps08d9420c.jpg

I snapped this picture and just about dyed laughing over the expression on Jenni's face.  Also pictured - Bee and Shannon.

 photo photo2_zps089ce03e.jpg

Shannon makes amazing jewelry for her company GlassCast and she gave me this awesome bicycle ring! It's so me, and so perfect!!

Now I'm off to spend the day with The Kid.  Lots of laughter and silliness ahead I'm sure...

 photo photo1_zpsba11cd5f.jpg

Whatever you have in store for your Friday, I hope it's a good one!


Some Good News

First of all, can I get a standing-slow-clap for August 1st?!  July was such an incredibly difficult month for me... busy with projects, things at work turning weird, and of course, the king of emotional experiences - the breakup.  So huzzah to a new month, new beginnings, and new experiences!

And let me now segue into some exciting news...

I'm down 10 lbs!

I'm happy to report that through the transition period that is post-relationship I've decided to get serious about my health.  It's something I've been wanting to focus on for some time (and there have been some changes, albeit slow changes) so I figured it's a good thing to throw myself into for some distraction.

To answer the question that I know is on everyone's lips - yes, I am eating.  I do not have an appetite, but I am eating.  I figured I'd take advantage of my lack of sugar-and-shit-foods-cravings and eat healthy.  And gosh darn it if it doesn't work!

I've also been running and lifting weights...

 photo 7593b014fa0811e29da122000a9e28e0_7_zps71036b6a.jpg
 photo 75e030c4fa1c11e2b66c22000ae80d1c_7_zpsaace7160.jpg

In other exciting news, it's raining today...

 photo a682c9eafac511e287df22000ae803ad_7_zpscc3371c0.jpg

I'm not quite ready for the sun to be gone, but it is nice to have a little moisture back for the day.

What are you up to today?  Are you happy it's a new month?