Weekend Shenanigans | Oregon Coast Edition

Ahhh... the weekend.  Can we have it back please?  I love my job, but this last weekend, I could seriously relive that one again and again.

It began with a six mile run/walk with my TEAM along the waterfront of Portland.  Is there any better place to be on a walk than a beautiful city, along the water with great company to chat with?  I think not.

 photo 9e372f5cfc5911e2ad7a22000a9f3090_7_zps3ed7881b.jpg

I've been really proud of myself this past month for sticking with my plan of more movement and healthier nutrition choices.  It's not always easy, but seeing the payoff has made it all worth it.

Saturday afternoon/evening I took off for the Oregon Coast with a couple of friends, Jenn and Shannon.  Jenn had scheduled a few photo shoots through her studio and Shannon and I were tagging along to help hold the reflector when necessary, and just have fun really.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day on the beach, and running around in the sand and ocean was just what my soul needed!

 photo e024a316fca611e2992f22000a1fb823_7_zps5347b9fe.jpg
 photo ae84b608fc9611e2ae2122000ae90612_7_zps36d4b7fb.jpg

Sunday was spent reflecting, meditating, and chatting with a couple of great friends I haven't seen for a while.  It was also a day my soul (and heart) needed.  Tears were shed, hugs were shared, and all of it was necessary.

I'm linking up this week with Sami to share my weekend shenanigans.  Check out her site and link up too!

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What did you do this weekend?  Was it a good one?