Friday Round Up

Wow, it's Friday already... YAY!!!!  I love Fridays, but really, doesn't everybody?!

I have lots of fun things planned for this weekend, but you'll have to wait for Monday to hear about all that.  For now, let's take a look at how this week panned out...

Monday | I posted about the big breakup I just experienced and what I was learning from it.  You, in turn, rose to the occasion to lend your support and friendship and I was left humbled and in awe.

Tuesday | I thanked everyone for their amazing support and told the adventure of my glowing bra while playing mini golf with an 11 year old (who beat me).

Wednesday | I shared with you all the story of how I met Bailey, an adorable 2 year old living with Leukemia and asked you to help support me in my training for a half marathon in her honor.

Thursday | I shouted from the rooftops that my new found motivation for health and fitness is paying off with a 10 pound lost in the month of July!

It was a great week with lots of time with friends and the people I care about.  Last night was a fun evening with some of my Portland Blogger friends chatting about life over wine and cheese.  I hosted everyone at my apartment, and loved filling my place with girl talk.

 photo photo3_zps08d9420c.jpg

I snapped this picture and just about dyed laughing over the expression on Jenni's face.  Also pictured - Bee and Shannon.

 photo photo2_zps089ce03e.jpg

Shannon makes amazing jewelry for her company GlassCast and she gave me this awesome bicycle ring! It's so me, and so perfect!!

Now I'm off to spend the day with The Kid.  Lots of laughter and silliness ahead I'm sure...

 photo photo1_zpsba11cd5f.jpg

Whatever you have in store for your Friday, I hope it's a good one!