Currently I Am...

WORKING on a few major design projects... including a re-brand of my own! I'll be rolling out the new look for Motormouth Studios soon {hopefully}.

LOVING that spring is {almost} here!  The first flowers are just starting to pop up, and I'm sooooo ready for warmer weather and a little sunshine here and there!


PLANNING a trip to Palm Springs with The Guy.  We're going down over Spring Break to visit my aunt and uncle and enjoy a little sunny paradise.

ENJOYING getting back into a running/workout groove.  Once again waterfront views, friendly chats and runs will all be synonymous.


CLEANING my apartment for a special guest who's to arrive this Thursday.  A friend from Boise will be in town for work and I'm excited to host her for a few days while she enjoys the city I now call home!

What are you up to today?  Hope it's a great one for you!