New Goals, New Direction and I'm Just So Excited!

Hey guys, remember that time I ran a marathon?  Or the time I hiked from the top of the Grand Canyon to the river and back in one day?  Or the time I trained for and completed a century bike ride?

Well, it's time to throw out another goal and work towards it!  Some of you may have seen on my Instagram feed yesterday that I signed up with a local endurance group called Team Challenge yesterday! I'll be training with them for a half marathon in Napa Valley (hello wine country gorgeousness!) this July!!


In the past I've trained with Team in Training and loved it!  This time around I thought I'd try out a new group and focus on another much needed organization to fundraise for.  I'll be working with the local chapter to raise funds and awareness for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation.  I have no personal connection with this condition, but I'm sure after this season I'll have a very personal connection with it.

Stay tuned to hear all about my training and experience!!

What's a major goal you are currently working on?  I'd love to support you!