Date Night, Car Care, and a Wonderful Meetup | Weekend in Review

I've been quiet on here the past little while.  I feel like all I do is reveiw/recap posts.  Hopefully that will all be changing soon as I get a little more organized and serious about this blog. 
But anyway, more on that later.  On to the weekend!

This weekend was FULL.  It all started Friday night with a lovely date night with The Guy.  We planned to spend time downtown just walking around with no agenda, which is my idea of the perfect evening!  We ended up eating a delicious dinner at Little Big Burger in the Pearl, wandering around Pioneer Square, then the Waterfront.  We finished the evening with beers at Rogue and a little more wondering.

It was a lovely time with The Guy, enjoying time with him in a city I love.



Saturday I met up with my girls Bee and Jenni at the Bettie Page store in Portland.  The store manager had reached out to us and offered to supply outfits for a few girls to wear to our Portland Bloggers meetup on Sunday.  The three of us decided to go check it out.  I'm so glad I did!  I didn't expect to fit into anything, but was happily surprised to find out that they carried plus size as well.  I found a beautiful dress to wear with a fun poofy slip, and gorgeous cardigan.

Alison Murray took these fun pics of Bee and I in our Bettie Page dresses. 
Photo Credit: Murray Photography

The sun was SHINING all day Saturday, so I finished the day by spending time outdoors with friends, then capped it off with drinks with a few more!

Sunday morning I spent time over at The Guy's house while he worked a little on my car.  My car has been having issues lately, and he's offered to help out.  I'm not one to turn down a gentleman's offer to help with things I know nothing about, so I jumped at the chance to allow him to show off his skills.  He started with buffing up the headlights so I can actually see at night again!  Then he changed out my wiper blades and started deducing the vacuum system issues that are causing my car to die frequently.


Look how shiny!!!


I'm so blessed to have this man in my life.  There's not many people who would spend their day off helping out someone else.

The rest of the day was spent with the Portland Bloggers at our meetup!  I'll be posting a full recap of this fun and amazing event later this week.  Until then, here's peek at the GORGEOUS necklace I was able to wear thanks to Shannon with GlassCast!


Such a fun weekend!!!  How was yours?  Link up over at A Well Crafted Party with your recap!