Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

Inspired by Jenni's post on her hair over on her blog Leave the Laundry For Later, I decided to look back through my own hair changes over the years.  Sadly I could only go back as far as I've been blogging because pre- Myspace, Facebook and this blog, I didn't take photos (or if I did I didn't keep them anywhere readily available).

I've always hopped back-and-forth between short and medium length hair and loved both for different reasons.  I loved how easy and sassy my short hair was, and then I look at my longer hair (especially when I had bangs) and love that look too!  I've been growing my hair out over the last 6 months and feel like it's finally past the awkward stage and can actually enjoy my hair again.  (I'm really wanting it to be long enough to pull back into a ponytail again for when I workout.)

I really like change though and have been itching to do something to my hair to change my look, even if it's just slightly.  Since cutting it is out of the question (because growing your hair out is such a royal pain) I decided to dye it!  I usually go darker in the fall/winter months anyway, so the timing was right!  I purchased a box of black dye from Target this weekend and went to town!

So here's what my hair looked like the night before I dyed it...

And here's what my hair looks like now! 

Not the best pic, but it gives you an idea at least :)

I like it!  It's just enough of a change that I'm not itching to cut it anymore, and I can just continue to let it grow.

What is your favorite hairstyle on yourself?
Do you ever just get the itch for change and do something drastic "just because"?