Fitness + Inspiration = Fitspiration!

My friend, Ryan, and I ventured out to cheer on the Portland Marathon runners/walkers yesterday morning.  He is currently training for a half marathon in March, and I've been toying with the idea of strapping on my running shoes vibrams again and training for my own.  Watching all the runners of varying age, size, and abilities definitely worked as inspiration fitspiration for both of us!

We rode around on our bikes cheering on the runners as we went until we'd find a good spot to stand in and show them our sign.  We got MANY thumbs ups, laughs and people wanting to stop to take our picture.

It was a blessing filled morning being in the sunshine, spending time with a good friend, being inspired by so many individuals, and connecting to other souls through genuine smiles.

I'm excited to get my game plan together and start training for my next half marathon!!