30 Day Posting Challenge | Day 4 - My Day Bulleted

  • 6:30am - woke up and rubbed eyes, hit snooze
  • 6:39am - hit snooze again
  • 6:48am - yup, snooze
  • 7:00am - bounced out of bed and got dressed for a run in the rain!
  • 7:30am - coffee and oatmeal
  • 8:30am - met up with Kayla and Ashley for our Roggers (running bloggers) run!
  • 9:00am - run interrupted by bridge lifting

  • 9:30am - ran into Kayla's friend Mathew!
  • 9:35am - run done, said good-byes
  • 10:00am - drove to Walmart to get Halloween costume pieces (post on details later!)
  • 10:15am - found my friend Ryan's name hiding in the glitter bin!!  Sent him a text telling him so :)

  • 11:00am - checked out and had this awesome encounter with the cashier
  • 11:05-11:35am - drove home and talked on the phone with my mom, friend Rick, little brother and landlord - phone call marathon!
  • 11:40am - checked the mail and got my Peter Pan prints!!!!!! (post on this soon!)

  • 11:50am - shower
  • 12:10pm - coffee round 2
  • 12:15pm - worked on costume while watching Big Bang Theory
  • 1:00pm - lunch!
  • 1:30pm - worked on my project for the PNW Blogger Holiday Party goodie bags!

  • 2:00pm - made plans with a friend to surprise another friend at his show in Gresham tonight
  • 2:10pm - cleaned apartment, did dishes, vacuumed, dusted, blah, blah, blah...
Ok, it's 5:30 now and I'm going to get ready, go to dinner with a friend and then go surprise another friend at his show in Gresham tonight.

*Edited at 12:30am to add this...

Rick doing his thang at his show in Gresham!

What did YOU do today?
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