Thanksgiving was another hit this year with lots of good food, family, movies, and fun. I love this time of year. Getting together with family (and taking a break from school of course!) and spending time reminiscing about when we kids were younger, hearing about when our parents were younger, and just laughing in general.
Here are a few pics of our time together...

Mom and Aunt Sandy
Grandma Snelson and me
Jill and Blake
Uncle Lauren and Aunt Janet
Uncle Rodney and I playing cards
Uncle Rodney pouring the champagne
Toasting to the newly engaged couple
Newly engaged
His napkin... "bold move" ...haha
The good kids washing dishes
Those NOT washing dishes
The "kids" table
Mom and me
Aunt Sandy, Jill, and Blake
Proof that Jill washed a dish
The men out golfing
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Rodney