Time Flies...

Wow, is it really November 1st already?! Where has this year gone? I always find it interesting that until around July, I don't take notice of how quickly the months are passing, but once we hit school starting in August I'm thinking "where are my days going?"! These days the days are definitely going to school and work. But for once, I'm completely OK with that. I am more busy than ever this semester with presentations and research papers due each week, and hundreds of pages to read, but I'm realizing that the next 6 weeks of school are all I have left of my career as a an undergrad student. Now don't get me wrong, I'm more excited than ever that that's the case, but I'm really trying to enjoy the time that I have left.

I'm going to be an aunt soon! I'm so excited that Jed and Danielle are going to have their first baby in just a few days (well, her due date is just a few days anyhow- I guess we'll see if baby Joie is on time) and that I'm going to be an aunt for the very first time! I'm hoping to get down to SoCal to see them all soon after I graduate. That's the only bitter-sweet thing about my niece's birth - they live so far away! I guess it will give me an excuse to visit the sunny coast a little more often though :)