Thoroughly Updating

It's been quite awhile since I've been able to update, so I figured I would get caught up with one thorough update... complete with pictures!

I have been working so many hours lately (about 65 a week... not too horrible) that I have had very little time to be in my apartment, but I am still loving it!
I've been spending my mornings with a group of amazing staff and kids! I absolutely love my mornings, and wouldn't give them up for anything. It's been a pretty great experience. Since I went into the summer knowing it would be temporary I've really taken the time to focus on how great it is, and not let the little annoyances get to me. It's a unique perspective knowing it's going to end soon, and being sad before it even reaches that point. *pictured: Michelle (staff), Me, Joe (staff), Alex (member/kitchen staff), and in front is adorable little Grace (member)*

I got an iPhone again! I traded a photo shoot for it. I don't have it working as a phone yet (the data plan is kinda expensive) but it works great as a fancy iPod. :)
I have been leading all sorts of silly songs with the kids in the mornings. I love being able to act silly and be crazy. The kids love it too.

Working at the Club has provided many opportunities for photography practice. The subjects are amazing, and I love letting the kids see the photos after they are edited. They get so excited to see themselves. I've also started a Club facebook page where the parents can view pictures of their kids in action. I was on the Carson Daly show. While I was in Seattle, we went to the Experience Music Project (EMP) and he was filming a segment for his show there. It was oddly surreal to look up and see Carson Daly smiling at me.

I'm still taking self-portraits. This is probably the biggest thorn in some of my friends sides. Their reactions are always this: "damn you and your self-portraits. I can't get any decent pictures of myself." Haha... it's the only way I can try out new techniques sometimes. If there's no other subjects around, what else is a girl to do?
Ummm... did I mention that I love my mornings?

Jake Jake and his bees. What little time I do have for a personal life, I try to incorporate friends as much as possible. Jake has adopted a bee hive, and I am highly entertained by his bee masterful-ness.