Oh my...

This past month has been a bit taxing for a few reasons:

1- My brother, sis-in-law, and niece have been toying with the idea of moving back to Boise. This is something that would send me through the roof with excitement of the idea of them being closer, and it would look like they were staying, and I would be sad. But they decided the best decision was to move! *happy dance*

2- I have been going to the chiropractor for the past month because I have been in quite a bit of pain, only to find out that I wasted about $250 because the issue is with my teeth. I have thousands of dollars worth of dental treatments that I have to get done over the next year... I am not a fan of the dentist chair.

and 3- perhaps the most difficult thing of all... I am not allowed to drink coffee! Aaack! I am a coffee addict, but my dentist suggested not drinking it, because it was making my teeth worse. I have white teeth, so staining is not the issue. I guess the acid in the coffee actually breaks down the enamel on my teeth, and the milk in lattes is not good for them either. After all the work is done, I'll be able to drink coffee again, but until then (and for the past 3 weeks!) I have not had any coffee... crazy!
I don't think this task would be near as difficult if Starbucks hadn't released their red cups yet. I ♥ those red cups so much, and they hold so much yummy, steaming goodness in them! *sigh*