"Half" way there!

On Saturday May 15th, Danielle and I ran in The Famous Potato Half Marathon. It was a beautiful day in Southern Idaho, and we had a great time experiencing this milestone together.

The group started out at Lucky Peak Lake and ran to Ann Morrison Park.  It was a very cold start.  The wind was blowing, and the sun didn't make an appearance until just before the gun went off.  It was fun getting to know everyone while we were huddled together trying to keep warm though :)

There were professional photographers at two locations on the run.  After the race they sent out a link to your photos and it was both neat and embarrassing to see photos of me running.
All-in-all it was a neat experience, and one that I am very proud of.  Danielle was very patient with me (she could run circles around me) and pushed me to run as much as I could.  Many times I told Danielle that she should go ahead and finish on her own time.  I felt guilty knowing that I was holding her back and making her run much more slowly than she needed to. But each time Danielle smiled and told me "that's not what {she} signed up for this race for."  I don't think she'll ever know what her support and friendship mean to me.  I love that we are close and she's such a big part of my journey to health.

I am so proud of this finishers medal.  If you would have told me this time last year if I would be completing a half marathon in my lifetime I would have cried from laughing so hard.