The Run That Never Happened

Just after our marathon, the girls and I came up with a list of fun runs around town that we wanted to do together. The Turkey Trot Relay was one (the weekend before Thanksgiving) and the Christmas Run (weekend before Christmas) was another.

The Turkey Trot Relay was fun.  It was the first weekend it snowed, and we had a great time running through the fluffy white cold stuff.

The Christmas Run was scheduled for today.  I've been excited about it for weeks, and looking forward to dressing up with my girls.  Unfortunately though, this happened....

I've needed to get two teeth pulled for awhile (I need to create space in my mouth for the rest of the teeth to grow in right) but have been putting it off.  One of them started bothering me during the marathon, and has been continually hurting more and more.  I got tired of it, and made a rash decision to schedule the surgery for yesterday.  I didn't think about what that meant for my weekend.  When I asked the doctor if I could still run today his answer was, "oh hell no!"

So instead I came down and took a few pictures of the girls, enjoyed the sights and sounds of the holiday spirit, and got my tshirt that I paid $30 for (race fees), and had my picture taken with Santa and the girls.  How cute are our tu-tus that Fawn made, btw?!

Well, the run didn't happen for me today, but I'm looking forward to next year's Christmas Run, and many others for that matter.

Merry Christmas week everyone!