More Wedding Fun

Jillian and Blake's wedding photographer was Heather Dillon, and she did a fantastic job! I "stole" some of our family, and my favorite portraits of Jill and Blake :)

Boy, there's no telling the three of us are related huh?
Joie was getting restless, so I asked Jill if it was okay to entertain her with the mirror. Jill was hesitant, but then said it was all right because fingerprints probably wouldn't show in the photos. OOPS! I went on a hunt for windex pretty darn quickly!
Mom made this cute dress for Joie, and she was darling in it!

Some of my favorite people right here... Uncle Lauren, Aunt Janet, Jill, Blake, Jared, and Jordan.
Umm... it's really sad how obvious it is that no one likes Joie ;)
All of us :) Jill had this great idea to have Heather capture a photo of everyone at the wedding with her and Blake as they came through the receiving line. The images will go in her guest book alongside the guests' well wishes for the couple.
I love this picture. Dancing the night away! I realize now that I look just as silly as I feel when I'm dancing.
A very large, very non-sober family. Kalen was sent for ice during the formal family portraits, so there wasn't a group photo of our side of the family. Near the end of the reception Jill was insistent that we try to get at least one shot with everyone in it. The result was drunken angry (because they were taken away from the alcohol and the dancing) people on a stairway, but you know what? That pretty much describes our family in a nutshell, so it works!

We were laughing over the horrible photos we were getting with my camera. It was pretty much pitch black, and we had all drank a bit too much, so the results were usually just the sky, or the table... it was pathetic.
The glasses on the table give nothing away.
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Chamberlain!