The Epic Weekend

I had one of those weekends. You know, the one where everything seems to go right. You accomplish everything on your list, you spend time with friends, and through it all you don't feel rushed once.
You just relax, unwind, and enjoy.

They don't happen often, so I'm going to continue soaking in the left-over warm fuzzies, and gloat.
Yep, sorry, but I'm rubbing it in.

Let's see...

The weekend consisted of:
- 13.1 mile run (that's a 1/2 marathon if you didn't already know)
- epic nap
- clean apartment (with all my dishes done!)
- Boise Music Festival with friends
- sleeping in Sunday
- book devouring (found another series by one of my favorite authors!)
- most delicious lunch ever
- coffee with a friend
- yoga
- long hot baths, and more book devouring

Yep. Epic.

During our 13.1 mile run (which consisted of some killer hills) we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over the foothills

Post-run I enjoyed a dip in the Boise River with some of my Team in Training buddies.  The cold water is sooo nice on the sore muscles!

Once home, I knew I still needed to ice my legs or I was going to be hurting.
Enter ice bath.  Glorious.

The Backstreet Boys were at the Boise Music Festival.  It was a bit weird to listen to their "new releases" remembering how they dominated the music during my high school years.
*gasp... that's 10 years ago!*

I couldn't help busting out in song with them when they sang an oldie though ;)

Oh glorious weekend... I hope to see you again soon.