I had the pleasure of spending the entire weekend at Mom and Dad's and watching Joie while Jed and Danielle were visiting friends in California.

She is such a funny kid.  She has a sense of humor that proves she's Snelson, and loves attention, which proves Jed is her dad.  We had a great weekend, and I'll be posting more pictures soon :)

She loves baths. If you even mention the word "bath," she won't stop repeating it and trying to get upstairs until you give her one.  She loves to play in water, and we are convinced, is part fish.

She loves to have the water poured over head.  Mom washed her hair and rinsed all the soap out, but Joie kept her head down and mumbled "more" until Mom refused to do it again.

This series of photos is perhaps my favorite of her yet.  They were taken seconds apart and I find it completely hysterical the range of emotions she was able to express in that short amount of time.  
Silly baby girl.