Boise Curb Cup

The Boise Curb Cup was this past weekend and I, of course, had to check it out! I love living in Boise, and events like this are the reason why. Boise is so great about showcasing local artists, and I love being introduced to new talent and mediums.

The Jerry Fee Band is great! They immediately caught my attention with their Jars of Clay sound. It didn't hurt that the lead is gorgeous either ;)

These kids were just too cute.  I'm sure that's not how they would want to be described, but I can't help it! 

Oh man, these guys were amazing!  They actually ended up winning first place, and they definitely deserved it.  I can't believe how talented they are with jump ropes.

 I ♥ mirrors.

And I leave you with a human gnome crossing the street...