Just Do It.

Channeling my inner Nike with that title :D

So, an e-mail from a friend prompted me to write this post.
I won't share the exact contents with you, but basically she asked if I thought she could train for an endurance event even though she is "out of shape."

I cannot emphasize this enough...

If I can do it, ANYONE CAN!


I'm not exaggerating here. Just put one foot in front of the other, and

Trust me. I was/still am the most out of shape person I know. I am still 60-70 pounds overweight, huff and puff while I'm running, and jiggle like the jello man. But I'm getting better and stronger each day! :)

Remember my first run?  Yeah, it was horrible.  It was painful, pathetic and embarrassing. I couldn't run a block without doubling over and grabbing my side in pain.  Then, not 5 days later I posted this.  I was so out of shape that just running 3 miles had caused pain so badly in my feet that I couldn't walk without a heavy limp for many, many days.  The last thing I wanted to do was run.

But you know what?  I did!  And soon I was posting things like this and this.  And that great day in May when I had the honor of posting THIS!  Sure I still had runs like this one, but I was continually getting better and more mentally prepared.

I never believed in myself enough to think that I could accomplish a task as great as this.  Even running 1 mile seemed out of the question.  But if I have learned anything from this training experience it is that I am the only one that gets to decide what I can, and cannot do.  Whatever I make my mind up to do, that's what I will accomplish.  I am capable of anything.

I am woman, hear me roar!
(cheesy I know, but it's true!)

So, you may be reading this, shaking your head and thinking, "but I'm different.  I'm so out of shape, how could I ever do it?  Macey is special, she's amazing" ... ok, maybe you're not thinking that (and please don't!)... but you probably are having self-doubts.  You probably wonder if you would have the self-discipline to finish.
I get it!
I've been there.  I still have those thoughts at times!
But you have to decide for yourself if you're ready or not.

Are you ready to be proud of yourself?
Are you ready to take charge of your life?
Of your future?
Are you ready to JUST DO IT?

It all starts with one step, one foot in front of the other. No need to break land speed records, just get out there and move. Start with walking, and build up to running/jogging at intervals. The Galloway Method is what we use in training. It's a series of walk/run intervals. Most people start with walking for 3-5 minutes, then running for 30 seconds over-and-over again for a certain distance (usually 1-2 miles to start). Then gradually increase the amount of time you run while decreasing the amount you walk. (see, walking is good thing!)

While you are running it's really important to not go "all out." You should be able to talk while running, and if you can't comfortably speak 4-5 words at a time then you are going too fast. It will feel like you are crawling at first to accomplish this, and that you can walk faster than you can run. (you probably can at first!) But that is ok. You will get faster and stronger quicker than you think.

Just stick to it and before you know it you'll be finishing half marathons and be ready to train for your first marathon!  And make sure to start a blog to journal during your training, because I know I want to hear about it!

You won't regret it.