Letter to my team from our Coach

What is a Hero?
According to Webster, a hero is one that shows great
courage; one admired for her/his achievements and
noble qualities; one endowed with great strength or

That describes every one of you.  You are all heroes.

It takes an enormous amount of courage and strength,
both physical and mental, to do what you will do on event weekend.
You will do something that the other 99% of the
population make up excuses not to do. And, if that wasn't enough,
you are saving lives along the way. That makes you SUPER HEROES!!!

Expect some pain during the event. I've never done a
marathon or half marathon that hasn't caused some
discomfort.  But you are well trained, in body and mind, and
heroes can handle a little pain because they know it's
only temporary.

When the goin' gets tough out there, think about why
you're doing this and who you're doing it for. Look
over at the person closest to you and say, "I'm a
hero!" And tell them that they are a hero, too.

Coach Brad