Another Dirty Birthday!

Remember this day last year?  Well guess what race I participated in again this year...

So. Much. FUN!

This year the mud run fell on Danielle's birthday, and we celebrated another year of her fabulousness by trekking through the mud and hills for 6 miles.  Her sister, Jana, and one of Jana's friends joined us in the excellence.  Out of sheer brilliance, Jana came up with a great idea for costumes for us.  Hopefully I'll have better pics soon (once the Dirty Dash team releases the 'official' ones) but can you tell what we are??

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!!!
Jana took old sweatshirts, cut off the sleeves and made us into cute fishies!

Here's the "face" of mine

Here's Danielle and I pre-mud.  Notice the lovely beer in her hand.  We took second in the costume contest and our prize was, among other things, BEER.  At 8:30 in the morning!  Lol... it made the 6 miles interesting!

Danielle and I post-mud.  However, this is also post shower and after stripping off our layer of sweatshirts, which weighed a ridiculous amount once filled with mud!!

After the run we got together at Jed and Danielle's to continue the celebration with family and friends. 
Joie loves a good party.  

She also loves good cake...