Grateful - Day 1

I was inspired yesterday by a random visitor to our offices.  She said she had started a new morning routine.  Each day before getting out of bed, she lists 10 things she's grateful for.  She speaks them out loud in order to let them sink into her brain and then gets on with her morning routine.

What a GREAT idea!

I decided to copy her idea by listings 10 grateful things of my own, but I decided to take it a step further...  I'm going to post these 10 items here daily.  This way I can look back on the the amazing things in my life any time I start to feel bogged down or stressed.  Try it!  I've only done this one day so far, and it's already impacting me more positively than I could have imagined.

Here's my 10 for today:
  • loving and supportive family
  • good friendships
  • the awareness to see lessons as they're happening
  • healthy family members
  • loving and caring niece
  • my own health
  • ability to workout
  • ability to pay my bills
  • opportunity to learn from mentors
  • the gift of salvation