If You Really Knew Me...

If you really knew me...

... you'd know that I love adventure, and the more spur of the moment the better.
... you'd know that I love life, and although I have tough days, I always look for the silver lining and end up happy in the end.
... you'd know that I've always wanted to live in PDX, and couldn't be prouder of myself for taking this latest leap of faith.
... you'd know that I suck at finances and hope to marry rich (or at least a guy who's good at budgeting what little money we do have).
... you'd know that I love kids, and my niece is the love of my life.
... you'd know that I fall hard, but stay guarded until I know you've fallen for me too.  This usually bites me in the ass and I end up falling into the dreaded "friend" role.
... you'd know that the beach (rocky, sunny, cold, hot, in-between) is my happy place and I immediately feel centered once my toes touch the sand.
... you'd know that I'm extremely driven and determined, but only if I truly believe in the goal and have made up my mind to accomplish it.  Otherwise my energy will fizzle and I'll follow the first shiny object that comes along.
... you'd know that my family means the world to me, and their opinion of me is everything (for better or for worse.)  I would do anything for my family.
... you'd know that I'm a giant dork, don't embarrass easily and genuinely love to be silly.
... and last, but not least, you'd have already known this post was going to start with a cup of coffee