A Small Update, Pictures and All

I visited Boise last week, and had the best vacation I've ever had.  I spent time with family and friends, experienced Boise as a tourist (as opposed to the resident I was for 7 years) and while I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was perfectly clear that I had made the right decision by moving.  I missed the people, but not the city itself, and while it was nice to visit, it was lovely to leave and head home as well.
I returned to my apartment (that I love) in the city (that I love) and the cooler temps (that I adore).  I had planned an outing with a charming man who I've enjoyed getting to know as a good friend over the past month and we had a wonderful time.

Now I find myself in a vortex of "what next."  I've always had something to work toward, to look forward to.  A marathon, a big hike, moving to a new city, etc.  I think it's time to pick out another goal and work toward it.  Graduate school?  Dream job?  Travel?  I don't know, but it's time to figure it out and work toward it.

And because posts are boring without pictures, here's some iPhonography from my time in Boise...

And when I got back in town, someone took me to Ben & Jerry's for the first time :)