A Break from Online Living

I struggled briefly over the title of this post.  I first wanted to write "A Break from Life," but that would be silly because the entire intention of this 'break' is to embrace life.

You see, I've found myself living more and more online these days.  Slowly I've become more interested in what my facebook status, twitter update or instagram shot are going to elicit from my friends than whatever it is that I'm doing in 'real time.'  I've found myself spending my evenings falling down the 'facebook rabbit hole' and wasting time in the social media world.  I've found myself itching to check my phone at stop lights, or looking down at my phone while spending time with friends.

Dare I say, I've found myself becoming rather narcissistic.

I have many intentions based in health for the year 2013.  I'm increasing my workouts, paying closer attention to nutrition, and focusing on healthy friendships/relationships and quality time with others.  A major factor in my health is to live both simply and mindfully.  For me, this includes deleting my facebook account and taking a break from blogging.

I don't think there's anything wrong with having a facebook page, I just know that my activity on there has reached a level of unhealthy.  Over the past year I've considered deactivating it a few times but always had the excuse that it was my way of keeping my photography and design business moving forward.  Now that I'm living in Portland and basically starting from scratch with my company, I no longer have that excuse.  Watching marketing trends (a ridiculous hobby of mine) it's clear that facebook is no longer the major player in creative business, and it makes sense to focus on face-to-face networking and relationship building. The major players in the creative industry are on facebook and twitter, but you'll rarely see them using it.  Why?  Because they are working!  They are out creating... something I need to be doing.  Makes sense, right?!

Anyway, all this to say, I'm taking a break.  It may be permanent, and it may not - I won't know for some time - but it's what's happening now.  I feel really good about it.  I feel like I'm taking care of myself and allowing space for more healthy (and active!) habits to form.

So I won't see you online, but I want to continue building my friendships, so if you have my number text or call me and let's meet for coffee and catch up.  If you're interested in going to the gym with me, I'm down with that too!  If you don't have my number, you can always email me - motormouthmacey@gmail.com and start the conversation.

Take care!