Playing a little catch up

I feel like like I say this with every post, but wow it's been a long time since I've updated!  I haven't been consistent with blogging - unless you consider not posting consistently to be consistent. Ha!

I've been striving for a bit more routine in my life lately, and blogging regularly falls into that intention. I intend to create space for personal reflection and introspection.  I've realized recently that a lot of change has happened around me which tends to effect where my attention is spent.  My attention being elsewhere causes me to eventually walk into a wall and only then (when smacked in the face with the awareness) do I realize a shift needs to be made.

So anyhow, that's all at the forefront of my awareness right now.

As for the recent past, here's what's been going on:

 photo f04d68da969911e38f2712c106be2b5a_8_zps10da5fdb.jpg

If we're friends in real life or on social media you probably heard that my brother was in a bad motocross accident last month.  His pain is lessening, his spirits are well and his relationship with God, family and friends is being forged stronger.  This is a long road for him though and while it's definitely effecting him, his wife and daughter most, seeing it effect them and my parents is really, really difficult for me.  I'm a 'fixer' by nature and knowing I can't fix it is hard.  We trust our God though, and while we're hopeful the wheelchair is only temporary, we know His plan is perfect and take solace in that.

In all things there is good, and there is joy in finding the silver lining.  For me that has definitely been the opportunity for more family time.  I love Portland, but moving here has taken time with my family from near-daily to once every few months at best.  In the past month I've had the opportunity to travel home twice, and am already planning to return in a few weeks.  Can't complain there!  I mean look at this munchkin, how could you not love time with her...

 photo e219b4808c2611e38ea112771af77f89_8_zpsebb2b250.jpg

In other news a huge bucket list item has been crossed off recently...


Yes, live.
In person.
In the flesh.
In all his sexiness.
I saw Amos Lee.

Oh what a glorious night it was.

 photo c4f7274a97a511e39db0126676d4163e_8_zpsd4582d22.jpg

The show was great!  So full of energy, and that voice.... oh that voice.
Simply perfection.

So there you have it.  Some ups, some downs, and lots of recognition of needs and intentions. 
How has life been for you lately?