If you smell falafel, it's probably me...

Last night was a fun social experience. I had dinner with a few gals from work, and one of their sisters. I really enjoy getting to know new people, and learn character traits. There are things that have shaped peoples lives and made them who they are, and if you listen to someone long enough they begin to divulge them. People's dieting habits, traumatic events as a child, or music they just love to listen to- all character traits that make them whole and fascinating. Meeting new people makes me want to be a writer. I think I could be a really good writer, and enjoy the craft, but I'm too lazy. Writing is an art that takes discipline, and I have too many other disciplines that I'm trying to focus on, so I'll leave the writing to others, and just enjoy getting to know the characters of real life.

Dinner was scrumptious. We had a Mediterranean theme with pita bread stuffed with humus and veggies, falafel, and blueberry batter cake. All were new to me, and all were wonderful. This morning however, I noticed that my clothes smelled like falafel, and my hair had the faint scent of it stuck in the roots. I've showered, but in my hurry to get to work I put on the same jeans that I wore last night, and all day I will smell like dinner. Kinda makes me hungry.