Things Always Seem Better After I Blog...

Since things always seem better after I write about it (or sleep on it), I'm going to give it a shot.
After I graduated with my B.A. I expected things to be different. A Bachelors degree comes with a sense of entitlement, an expectation to have a great job, and be able to afford things that you have been saving for this moment. But unfortunately I have found that life is not that much different. In fact, I seem to be more stressed about money now than I was before. As a student there is an acceptance that you are unable to afford luxuries such as real food, and gas in your vehicle, but when you move from being a student to being a "career woman" shouldn't things be different? I find myself wondering how I ever did it as a student. Its logical that I am now making nearly twice what I was a little over a month ago, but how am I barely scraping by when I survived on half this not that long ago?

Don't get me wrong, I haven't overextended myself (yet *fingers crossed and knock on wood*) but I was hoping to at least start a savings account. I have to start paying back Student Loans in just a few months, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to make that work. I was kind of hoping that the falling economy wouldn't play much of a role in the life of a recent college graduate, but I guess that was too much to hope for.

Here comes the upside though. God is in control, and there is nothing bigger than God. God is someone who will always be there for me through it all, and I need only to lean on Him. I trust that this too will pass, and I will obtain employment that allows me to have a little "above and beyond" money to play with. I am just thankful that I am blessed to have enough to pay for the bills I have now.