Feeling Good

Things have been going great since my last post. I had a lovely weekend where I had the chance to spend time with a dear friend who I haven't seen in a long while. She came up to stay with me on Saturday night and we went to church Sunday morning. It was so good to see and talk to her again... we need to do it again soon Darrelyn!
I was supposed to go home Sunday evening to celebrate my brother's 21st (oh my gosh, he's getting so old!) birthday. Unfortunately my car tires are in very poor condition so I'm not able (and scared to) drive on the freeway. I was going to ride down with a friend, but things didn't work out there, so I didn't make it. I spent the day relaxing (which was much needed) and catching up on a little "King of Queens" re-runs on DVD. Today I hit the ground running on errands that needed to be done, and a trip to the gym!
The weather is perfect with the sun shining brightly, and just the slightest breeze. I'm enjoying spending some time outdoors, and as soon as I'm finished with this post, I'll be heading to Walmart and Target to find myself a bike. I've been hemming and hawing about getting one, and not wanting to spend the money, but I think if I can find a good deal on one I just need to bite the bullet. It's an item that is an investment in my health and will save money on gas. I figure it will pay for itself in saved fuel cost this summer. I live only 3.5 miles from the Boys and Girls Club where I will be working mornings this summer, so what a perfect excuse to be outdoors and enjoying the sunshine!