Inspiration and Motivation

Ok all, it's going to be a quick post because I'm at work and we're about to close, but I just can't contain my excitement! My excitement is actually quite ironic considering I was in the depths of despair (thanks Anne of Green Gables!) just yesterday. I got on the scale in the morning (also ironic since I've been far too lazy with my work outs and healthy eating for about 4 months) and was shocked to see that I had gained back 6 of my previously lost 20 lbs. I was mortified!! How could I let that hard work go to such waste?! So while I was dissapointed I was also refreshed. Weird, I know. But I found the weight gain highly motivating. I had heard of those people who had their "wake up call" when they saw a picture of themselves, or glimpsed themselves in the mirror before getting in the shower, etc... and I had had mine! I was outraged with myself, disgusted and over it! I was getting "back on the wagon" and taking care of this once and for all! I am highly motivated to take care of this and make the changes necessary.

My Plan:
~workout at gym 6 times a week
~eat breakfast every morning (and coffee does NOT count)
~pack a healthy lunch everyday for work (a money saver too!)
~read inspirational blog posts everyday from former fat girls who've done it!
~pray - God is on my side and wants me healthy too, so why not communicate with Him about it
~enjoy this change, and embrace it

Ok, I just got the 5 minute warning. More postings to come! And any support you can offer me either on here on in person is GREATLY appreciated. This is going to be a tough journey, and I'll take any help I can get :)