A Post-Flu Run

This past Sunday I was scheduled for a 7 mile run. I decided that I would try for a solo run this time since there is a very good chance I will be running on my own most (or all) of the time during my marathon in June. I figure I need to start getting used to running with music and my inner dialog rather than chatting with Danielle since she won't be there.

So I headed out on a solo run early Sunday after being over the flu (which I got on Thursday and Friday) with high expectations for a great run.
I did good, but not great. I didn't realize how worn out I would be from that darn flu! I wanted to push myself so badly, and kept making myself little goals, like running to a certain landmark. But... I would get about halfway to that landmark and just want to walk. I was tired! I finished the mileage, but walked more than I wanted to. Again.

Maybe my 14 miler this Sunday will be better?

*fingers crossed*

I did have the pleasure of rounding a corner in Julia Davis park and sneaking a peak at the zoo's 2 beautiful giraffes! That was pretty neat :)