Why So Hungry??

Man, the past couple of days have been up and down for me. I've been hungry (actually experiencing hunger pains most of the day... even right after I eat!), exhausted, and cranky.

I usually wake up in the morning excited and invigorated for my workouts, but the past few days all I've wanted to do was keep sleeping. Yesterday and today I actually gave in and added the extra hour and half on my alarm clock and snuggled back in to the covers. I've made up the workouts in the evenings, but I don't like doing that as well as the mornings. I like the jump-start to my day, and find it difficult to not want to chow down when I get home. It's also difficult to unwind and get to sleep when I work out at night also (continuing the vicious cycle). It's frustrating because I'm not sleeping well at night either. For how exhausted I am, you'd think I conk out and sleep sound until morning. But nope. I'm tossing and turning and having bad dreams.

Second on my list of issues is my insane hunger. I know that the increase in my exercise and daily activity is cause for my calorie intake to be higher (1500-1800 daily), but I'm eating this and still hungry.

All. The. Time.

And thirdly... I think I may rip someone's head off. And I believe it will unfortunately be a child's. I have worked with, and around children since I was one myself, and never been as frustrated with their ill behavior like I have been recently. I actually told a child this morning who was running in the library that he needed to learn how to listen. This in itself is not a big deal, but the tone of voice in which I chose to speak to him with... well, let's just say I got some surprised looks from parents. *oops*

So, what am I going to do about it? Well, I am concerned enough with these changes that I spoke to my older brother (who is a trainer) about it. I explained my routine, and the challenges I was having. His first thought is that I'm getting enough calories, but severely lacking in two important areas.

1- water
2- vitamins

He suggested I try his trick...
Emergen-C powder! A great way to start your day off with essential vitamins and minerals and... WATER! I'm going to drink 1 packet of Emergen-C each day with a full glass of water, and keep drinking water throughout the day. My handy TNT water bottle is going to become my new best friend and stay by my side throughout the day.
I'm also going to become super-jazzed about eating my vegetables each day. I'm really good about getting in my fruits (hello super yummy smoothies!) but need to work on the veggie stuff.
I'm going to give it about a week to see if it helps regulate my sleeping, hunger and mood. I feel better today, but it may be all in my head... we'll see!